Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Someone's Got My Back ;)

I had the most amazing (little) thing happen to me this morning and I just HAVE to share!

The kids and I were at the park and Henry scraped his big toe pretty badly.  I started the band aid hunt- through my purse, in the car, etc.  We couldn't find one.  The injury didn't seem to bug Henry, but the fact that the tip of his toe was peeled back and bleeding good, made me make the executive decision to get back in the car and run to CVS for a band aid.

When we got in the car, I realized I had forgotten my wallet at home.  Fab.  I scrounged around the car for some change and came up with a little over two dollars.  I figured that would definitely buy a band aid, right??

We got to CVS and there I was, huge and preggo, with an upset 3 year old (who had to leave the park) and a bleeding 22 month old.  We must have been a sight!  We went back to the band aids and the cheapest box was over 3.00.  SERIOUSLY?? 

I went up to the front counter and asked if they had a band aid we could have, they didn't. 

I stood there and looked around, thinking about my next move.  I had my CVS card (on my key chain) and thought "what the heck- I'll scan it.  Maybe a coupon will print out for band aids." 

I kid you not- I scanned my card, and out popped a coupon and this is what it said:

"Thank you valued customer!  Enjoy a FREE health product up to $8.00!"

We walked back to the band aids and I picked out a fancy box of classic Mickey band aids...

I got goosebumps walking out of the store with our free box of band aids. 

Seriously- HE- has got my back...   It's such a little thing, but its made me think about all sorts of BIG thoughts, about my faith and trust in God.  It feels good to know He's making sure we're provided for.

He is the ultimate provider, and I know I forget that all too often. 

Thank you Lord for reminding me on this ordinary Wednesday, how truly extraordinary You are!

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Jill said...

HE is amazing!!! Thank you for sharing. Happy Wednesday to you!!

KimBerly said...

Gotta love the Big Man!

LeeAnn @ {froggyleggs} said...

Now THAT is awesome!! I love it!