Wednesday, June 1, 2011

(not) wordless wednesday!

(get ready for an ALL over the place kind of post...)

Today I am a little over 29 weeks preggo. 

Happily, I measured RIGHT ON at my appointment this morning.  YAY!  I am hoping for another tiny baby girl... Henry was a whopper of a baby- but I consistently measured 2-3 weeks ahead from about 20 weeks on with him. 

Here are some lovely photos of the growing belly...

I am definitely getting too big.   I've thought this with both of my pregnancies... and yet, somehow, I keep getting bigger... and bigger.

I had my glucose test today... is it embarrassing to admit that I think the orange flavored stuff actually tastes semi- good? 
On a whole different note, we're right smack dab in the middle of moving.  It's quite the process, let me tell you.  My poor mom is down in Florida, scouting out an OB for me- the thought of her going to OB's and asking questions cracks me up... ;)  The big moving truck gets here next Monday... I'm ready to get the  boxes out of the house and into the truck.  My house is feeling more and more like a shell each day... sad :(

Henry is obviously oblivious to what is going on.  He just runs around with his choo-choo's (trains) and climbs in and out of boxes.

Maeve, on the other hand, is very pleased.  Although she doesn't understand dates or times, she does understand that we're packing and going back to Florida.  She keeps saying it makes her "heart happy."  :)

Oh- and remember that contest I entered WAY BACK WHEN???  I posted about it here!  Anyways, the places and all that were finalllllly announced.  I was told it would be in the paper over Memorial Day weekend, but it wasn't.  Instead I found it on their site.  The sad news is, I didn't place (no money... booo).  The happy news is, they did select my photo(s)- (I'm still unsure of WHAT photo or photoS have been selected?) to be hung in their new building.  So that's pretty cool I guess, right?

I think those are the updates I have for today...

Thanks for keeping up with our ever-changing, incredibly crazy clan! :)

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Jessy Schoch said...

WOW, first you look great, second you are cruising on the packing!! My house pretty much looked the same until the day before we moved, props to you :)

Erin Stomber said...

Congrats on Ryan's new job! I hope you all are happy down there. I know you've wanted this for a long time and will be able to be close to your family :) Best of luck!!

Erin Stomber said...

Looking great by the way...!

KimBerly said...

Cute photos! I love baby bellies.

k and j said...

you really don't look that big at allllll!

you look great girl!

Jill said...

I am so happy for you and your family, but the thought of packing up my house and moving right now....would be overwhelming!! I guess knowing you are heading to FL with your Mom, would help keep the motivation up :) I am so happy for all of you.
Also, you are right the orange (glucose stuff) does taste pretty good. I did not have a problem getting it down :)
Happy packing.... good luck!!