Friday, June 3, 2011

friday night leftovers

  • Would you believe it, I have ANOTHER UTI.  How in the world???  I swear I just got off of the Macrobid...   I went in for my glucose test, worried about my crazy sugar intake, and got a call the next day saying its a UTI... (and low iron) ughhhhhh.  I am thankful that my sugars are okay though...
  • Maeve got a twin bed.  Or I should say, we got Maeve a twin bed.  So her crib (which had been converted into a toddler bed) is officially ready for the new baby.  The funny thing is, she never used to sleep on her mattress- ever.  We'd find her curled up all over the room, try and move her and she'd wake up, get furious and go back to the floor.  Since we put the twin bed in there though, she thinks she is some hot stuff or something- she LOVES it and we haven't found her on the floor since!  :)
  • My parents are so awesome.  SO, so, so awesome.  If I could be a fraction of what they are, my kids would be super lucky.  With this whole moving to Florida thing, they've been nothing but giving and helpful.  Ryan and I have looked at each other and said over and over, "this would not be possible without them."   We are very blessed! 
  • My new wedding band and ring finally came in :)  They don't hold much sentimental value, but I think they're pretty.  I'm pretty sure even if I got the most beautiful ring in the world, I'd still look at it and be sad that I lost "the real thing."  
  •  It's really funny- we've been trying to move out of this state forrrrrever.  And usually nothing works out- or pans out I should say.  This time however, everything- and I mean everything is falling exactly into place.  Like it was truly meant to be.  A huge burden on our shoulders was finding a new home for Roxy.  We're renting in Florida, and unless we want to pay an extra 30000 dollars (or something like that ;) we can't afford to pay for Roxy to live in an apartment/condo/townhouse, etc.  She's just too big- completely exceeds the weight limits.  Last night we had an awesome couple come over to our house to meet Roxy- Roxy happened to love them and I think they liked her a lot too ;).  Anyways, she's got a loving new home, come tomorrow morning.  Yes, yes- its pretty hard, regardless of how great the people are that are taking her.  Hard mostly because Ryan and I had her before we were even married!  Roxy was our "first" and I can't help but feel a little (or a LOT) guilty for leaving her behind.  I do know that she's going to be happy, loved and well taken care of, and that makes this process so much easier.
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I think that's all for now... Happy Friday :)

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Shannon said...

darn another uti!! Grrr. I hope it goes away soon. Hope your move goes great! We are in the same transition for the twin bed for our son...he just moves his toddler bed around his room and jumps on it, never sleeps! Boys!

KimBerly said...

Sorry about your UTI. I've never had one but I heard that they're not fun at all.
Yay for big girl beds!!

k and j said...

um when are you going to blog again??? dying to see that belly! i am almost 36 weeks ahhhh!!!!

hope you made it safely to florida!