Monday, May 2, 2011

A First.

We had a first this weekend. 

Yes, Maeve is almost 4 years old... but she had her FIRST haircut!  Why have we waited FOUR years, you ask?  I'm a freak.  I am one of those moms that associates a first haircut with growing up.   I know Maeve is growing up, but I really didn't want to succumb to that huge milestone!

Maeve was nervous about getting her hair cut, primarily because the word "cut" was involved.  I think she thought it was going to hurt, maybe?  But in order to get her in the building, we had to call it a "hair wash."

It worked, and we got her in for a trim Saturday night.  Ryan and Henry walked around the mall, and I had an awesome bonding time with just MaeMae.  :)

She was definitely hesitant about everything- but she did really well.  She got a shampoo, and a trim.  While the lady was trimming her hair, Maeve was eyeballing the scissors- she kept saying "Don't cut.  No cutting!"  I don't think she even realized what was happening though.  The lady was great with cutting it fast and discreetly!

Now, for a woman who carries a camera to the grocery store, why did I not have a camera while getting Maeve's very first haircut???  I have no idea.  And yeah, I'm sick about it.  I did have my phone- which was able to capture the moment (albeit grainy). 

How sweet is she??? :) 

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1 comment:

KimBerly said...

So cute! I am the same way about hair cuts. I have a little boy and I rarely get his hair cut. He has the Justin Beiber thing going on.