Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Little Depressing... But Worth Remembering :)

It's no surprise that my family moving has had a huge impact on me (and the kids).   Sometimes I get so wrapped up in my own thoughts about missing my mom and dad, that I forget that Maeve is struggling too. 

Maeve and my mom have a really different relationship.  Basically my mom is the queen of Maeve's world.  On our trips to Florida, my dad gets booted out to the couch, and my mom and Maeve stay up watching "Tom and Jerry" and eating cereal.  The bond that they have is so precious.  And even though at times I can get a bit annoyed because there is absolutely no discipline on my mom's end (which yes, I understand, nana's don't discipline... but come on- reeses peanut butter cups and hershey kisses for breakfast???)- it breaks my heart to see Maeve missing her.

So this is our first (and hopefully LAST) Easter without my parents.  Normally, my mom and I go dress shopping and plan out a big egg hunt.  This year, we don't have any Easter plans except for church.  This Easter we're actually focusing on the real reason for Easter rather than bunnies and all that stuff (which is a good thing...).

Anyways, spending Easter 2000 miles apart, has resulted in packages... EASTER bunny packages to be exact.  The first one was delivered last week- that was from "Gigi"- my grandma (Maeve's other love;).  The kids got candy, "Tangled" and some really cute little outfits.  Today, we got nana's Easter package.   Maeve was beyond excited to see the big box on the table after nap time.  (Keep in mind Henry still doesn't really know what's going on ;)...

Again, the kids were flooded with candy and outfits and books.  But my mom had made a super special book for Maeve.  It was one of those Hallmark recordable books.  I wish I had snapped a photo of Maeve's face as she opened it and heard Nana's voice.  PRICELESS. 

She's been carrying the book around with her all night.  She wanted to sleep with it which was fine with us. 

We tucked her in around 8 and about 8:30, we noticed she was still up- jibber jabbering away.  I peeked my head in and asked,  "Bug what are you doing?  Who are you talking to?"

And she said "I'm just laying here talking to my nana."  And with that, she turned back to the book and kept up the "conversation." 

cue tears.

I miss my mom and dad so much.  :(  And so does Maeve... (and Henry ;)

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Jill said...

Tears just steamed down my face :(
Ashley, I am so sorry!!!

Jill said...

Streamed .......