Friday, April 15, 2011

friday night leftovers

  • Maeve has fallen off the potty bandwagon this week.  And I am beyond frustrated :(...  This kid is so smart.  She most definitely understands the concept of using the potty- but she has days where she just doesn't care to.  It is driving me CRAZY!  We've gone through a lot of undies in the past couple of days.  She did do way better today but I'm just wondering why she'll go weeks without an accident and then have 3 in one day?  Is this normal? 
  • Henry is in LOVE.  IN  LOVE- with his trains.  It's adorable.  Maeve never really had a go-to toy.  She could take or leave a lot of things.  But give Henry his Thomas the Train and he's in heaven! :)  He makes them crash into the walls and does this super cute "wheeee" sound. 
  • Maeve felt the baby kick tonight... she wasn't too sure how she felt about it.  I tried to get her to feel it again and she pulled my shirt down and said "No, we're all done."  Hmmm ;)
  • We're watching "Black Swan" tonight and I'm terrified.  I am sure I won't sleep because I am the biggest baby... and I've heard this movie is caaaa-razy!
  • This week has been a hard week in terms of missing my family.  I tend to go through phases... I don't know what prompts the really hard times... maybe holidays?  Easter is coming and I have been a little upset that we won't be together :(...
  • I am going to another mom-mom sale tomorrow... hoping for way better luck than last time!
  • I am not a good housekeeper... period.  I'm just not.  Especially when I'm pregnant.  I avoid any smelly chore like the plague... this has resulted in a really gross house.  Ryan will throw out garbage at the end of the day and clean the really nasty dishes, but our house needs like a deep scrubbing or something.
  • I have a stack of PINK baby clothes in my closet... I am having the FUNNEST time matching Maeve and her sis. 
  • Henry's eczema is not doing great right now.  I think its the dry weather?  We went a few walks this past week and I noticed his little cheeks got so wind burned :(.  He's such a trooper though- he never fusses about it.  There are definite times when he is cranky, but we lather him in his meds and lotion all day long and he just goes with it.  And when I say eczema- I'm not just talking about dry skin- I'm talking quarter sized scabs on his wrists and ankles (where his skin gets really rough and dry)- he itches them so bad sometimes that they bleed.  :(... poor bud.
  • I need a food makeover.  The way I've been eating is just plain disgusting.
  • This picture is going into Faith's photography contest.  The theme is pastel.

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Danifred said...

I remember having the most disgusting bathrooms during my pregnancies. I just couldn't bring myself to cleaning them. It was make me gag uncontrollably every single time.

Summer said...

LOVE this shot. My son is potty trained but still will have accidents. I find that sometimes when he is mad at me or my husband that he does it on purpose. UGH!

April said...

That picture is utterly ADORABLE!!!

I'm about to start potty training my son...any words of advice? LOL I'm nervous!

Faith said...

HOW cute!!!! :)