Sunday, April 17, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This week we spent a ton of time outside, with the kids- biking, parking (park-going?) eating ice cream, etc.  I had my camera at the parks and on a few of our walks, but I definitely had to dig back in my facebook albums, trying to find some photos that would fit!  Anyways- it's done and I'm hoping to be on top of things next week! ;)

1. Time
This was taken quite awhile ago... as in a year and a half ago!?  It was when we first started using time outs for Maeve.  I'm sure you won't find in any parenting book to take your child's picture when they're in time out- but she looked so cute pouting... I just had to.  TIME out. (yeah I know stretching it a bit).

2. Isolated
I took this at the beach in Florida (I think it was over Christmas break)... this is my fave. beach to go to because there is hardly anyone there.   I definitely feel very isolated while there.  Maybe the better phrase is- away from everything?  I don't know, either way I wish I were there now...

3. ZOOM In
I don't have a zoom lens- so I just zooooomed in while in photoshop ;)  I am in love with my daughters eyes.

4. Outside
Last week we had a few good days of nice weather.   I've heard this will not be the case this week :(... but we did spend just about all the time we could outside while the sun was out!

5. Poetry


Okay- don't judge me on this one- I don't care for poetry... eek!  That sounds bad.  But what I'm saying is, I wouldn't pick up a book about poetry or a book of poems and start reading it for the heck of it.  I am however, a HUGE fan of music... and I happen to think that music lyrics are like poems, right?  This lyric is from one of my favorite songs by Jack Johnson, "Only the Ocean."  Love it ;)

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos this week. Love the first two. Your daughter is beautiful.

Ashley Sisk said...

These are so so good - I especially love your first two shots!

Point & Shoot said...

nice collection...your daughter's eyes are out for the boys when she is older (lol)

Anne U said...

Really like the colors in the isolated shot, and last shot is pretty great too.

Flower Photography said...

Lovely!! I really like isolation!

Sheila said...

Those blue eyes are amazing! Great Pictures!

My Photographic Eye by Irela said...

Time and Isolation are definitely my favorites. I can see why you love her eyes.....soooo beautiful!!!