Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another (very late) Wordless Wednesday

God bless the warm weather!






The Trendy Treehouse

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Ashley Sisk said...

There's something I really love about the last shot. Maybe it's the look in her eyes. And have I told you lately that I love your processing?

KimBerly said...

Thank you for posting on my blog. For some reason you weren't in my reader anymore and I haven't been reading your blog. YAY I found it again. Now you're in trouble. Lol. Cute pics!!

Ashley said...

thanks guys :)

Ashley- I've been playing around with all sorts of actions- there are a few I'm in love with :)

Nessa said...

These are so lovely... you always have the nicest creative photos. I am loving the weather!

Elena said...

Gorgeous photos!! Those blue eyes are so piercing, so lovely.