Wednesday, March 23, 2011

an award? :) YAY!

Yay!  It's always fun to hear that your bloggy blog got an award! :)

Libby over at the ELF blog gave me this cute, (yummy looking ;) award!

In order for me to accept this loveliness, I have to share three things that I love about myself, a photo and award this to a few other very cute, very deserving bloggers.  :)

So, three things I love about myself:
  •  I'm a pretty good cook... and most of what I make or have made, I've learned on my own by trial and error ;)... when Ryan and I first got married, we had mac and cheese for dinner at least a few times a week.  It was when we had Maeve, that I decided I really needed to figure this whole cooking thing out.  While I'm not comfortable (or very good) at working with a lot of different meats, we've definitely expanded our menu.  This week we've had chicken enchiladas, baked ziti and chicken pot pie.  I am also a big breakfast cooker.  I usually make the kids muffins or pancakes at least a few times out of the week.  I love the feeling of feeding my family yummy food that makes them happy :)
  • I'm frugal :)  I like to save money on normal every day things (such as groceries, clothing- I shop at 2nd hand stores, toiletries, etc.) and spend the saved money on vacations :)  It may not be the greatest financial move, but the memories we're making are worth more than the nicest car, house or clothes in the world :)
  • I love my healthy appetite :) haha!  That's for sure... 

Okay... here's the photo I would like to share:

ahhhh sweet HAWAII :)  This was on our honeymoon... we had the most amazing time... and have I mentioned lately that I am so completely in love with the greatest guy on earth?  I love looking back at "old" pictures of us... I thought I loved Ryan so much on our wedding day (and yes, of course, I DID!) but through the years, making a family with him, seeing him hold our babies, wrestle with Mr. H, read stories to MaeMae, I love him more than ever.... :)  It's true what they say, that love just grows and grows with time.  :)

Okay... and the 2 bloggers I'd like to pass this award on to, are not only super bloggers, but they're also good friends :)  These are blogs that I read daily and that are updated with lots of pictures and funny stories. 

Manda over at The MiniVan Diaries
Leslie over at The Story Of Us

Great job blogging ladies! 

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