Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Really LATE (not-so) Wordless Wedensday

I wasn't planning on participating in WW today, but I just had to share these pictures.  They're grainy and not anything spectacular, but they pretty much sum up the reason why my heart beats.

Every night, Ryan and I each read Maeve a couple of books.  Henry's at the age where he will sit through half of a 5 page board book.  We've tried integrating him into the bed time story routine, but it just isn't working at the moment ;)  Soon, very soon, I'm sure he'll be crazy into books like his sis.

Anyways, I had read my two books, kissed Maeve goodnight and headed out into the kitchen.  I heard Ryan reading, (which is always so adorable to hear...) but when I walked past the room my heart just melted into a big pile of goo.  :)  Maeve was sitting on Ryan's shoulders resting her head on his head, and hugging his neck, listening to the story.  It was completely adorable.  I ran, grabbed my phone, and managed to snap ONE picture before she noticed I was watching... ;)

My life is so blessed! 

Hope everyone has a good night :) 

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Allison said...

awww, that is so precious:)

Leslie Collins said...

so, so sweet. :) i love the daddy daughter relationship. it is absolutely priceless.

Stacey Nicole said...

beautiful photographs!