Thursday, February 17, 2011

a quick recipe worth sharing :)

This is so easy its frightening :)

Do any of you remember the amazing buffalo ranch chicken sandwich from Applebees?  It was my go to fave- and I'm pretty sure I had at least one a week while pregnant with Maeve. 

Unfortunately, they've taken it off their menu (boo Applebees)...

But... I have an awesome *EASY* and healthier (I think?) recipe that's almost just as good ;)

Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwiches
-Chicken breasts (we use about 4)
-bottle of your favorite wing sauce
-DRY ranch dressing (in those little packets)
-your fave hoagie buns
-your fave cheese
-any other sandwich toppings you like (lettuce, tomato, etc.)

Mix the wing sauce and half the packet of dry ranch dressing together- throw your chicken in the crockpot, and cover with the mixture (put a little on the bottom to coat the pot before putting the chicken in).  Cook on low 6-7 hours.   After the chicken is done, take a fork and shred it- it should pull apart and shred super easily.

Next, get out your buns, sandwich toppings and cheese and make your very own buffalo ranch chicken sandwich :)  it is SO SO good.  And its what we're having for dinner tonight ... again.... :)

I serve it with some healthy celery sticks & ummm.. fries ;)
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Jessica said...

Ooh! That was hubby's fav at Applebee's too! I will have to try making that for him!!

The Williams said...

Sound yummy...Im gonna make these tomorrow night. What kind of wing sauce do you use?

Ashley said...

The first time I made it I used sweet baby rays wing sauce and it was really good- but not enough zing... So today I used some fancy kind called Louisiana hot wings or something like that... I hope its not too spicy! But my house does smell soooooo good :)

The Williams said...

I have SBR's wing sauce here, but I will have to check the market for the Louisana stuff. Thanks for the recipe, sounds super good!

k and j said...

doing this tomorrow thx! go to my blog and do a post like i just did ;) it was fun!! and funny :)