Wednesday, February 16, 2011

14 Weeks

I am so bummed... I have broken yet another CF card reader... boo... I took belly pics (and a few adorable pics of the kids) but I'm unable to load them right now... I'm hoping to get a new card reader tonight.

Anyways, yes, the lobster (and I) have made it to 14 weeks.  The past two days, I've felt a lot better, in terms of morning sickness (PRAISE THE LORD!!!)  Not like I want to gain weight or anything, but I stepped on the scale this morning with the hope that I was finally on the path to some "healthy" weight gain and to my surprise, I've lost another 3 lbs.  Putting my total weight loss for the first trimester (and now 2nd??) at 6 lbs.  Not a huge deal or a huge amount of weight, but MAN am I ready to eat like a normal person!

Disney is coming up in 2 short weeks! (YAY!!!)  I had asked my midwife what rides I was going to be able to ride, and she gave me a pretty good list, but at this point, I'm having a hard time picturing myself on the monorail without losing my lunch.

I'm getting really excited for that AWESOME period of pregnancy where you feel pretty good, and you get to feel the first flutters.  I'm thinking it should happen in the next couple of weeks...

So... at 14 weeks, the lobster is the size of a lemon :)

And... if you haven't taken a guess yet at the gender/weight/birthdate of this lobster, please do!  A verrrry cute Etsy prize is at stake ;)


Life of Linse and Brice said...

Do you like being pregnant? I am so nervous about the whole labor thing. Brice and I are looking at trying next Jan! I would love for you to take pictures of us if you are still around. :-)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I ended up having to drink milkshakes my fist trimester.