Friday, February 18, 2011


My friend Julie prompted me to do a post on cravings :)  I'm not sure if there is an actual outline for this post or if its just freelanced by Jules herself- but I will try and follow her lead... 

I am ashamed to admit, that I could probably eat this entire tray of Dog House hot dogs... mmm

My favorite breakfast... (okay this is already embarrassing)  Mickey D's bagel... minus the bacon. 
Favorite Beverage... It used  to be sprite or 7up- anything fizzy that would settle my stomach.  But then I was introduced to this incredible sparkling water- that wait- DOESN'T taste like sparkling water!  There are a ton of different flavors and they have zero everything (sugar, carbs, caffine, etc.)  My fave. is the tangerine and key lime.  Although the black cherry is pretty good too- the one flavor that tastes like caca is strawberry... skip that one, friends.  And thank you Courtney for introducing me to such fabulousness!

I normally eat at least one of these a day:

They are so refreshing and feel really good on my (often) sore from vomiting throat... :)

I am really looking forward to going to Disney for the food.  Specifically, the giant rice crispy treats and the Mickey ice cream pops.  How gross and pathetic is that?

I love fruit while preggo.  Any kind... with Maeve I craved oranges like crazy... with Henry I think it was strawberries and watermelon.  This time, I've really liked peaches and nectarines.  But really,  I'd eat a platter of fruit anytime, anywhere- preggo or not :)

And like any preggo, I'm a huge fan of anything salty... like pickles or olives.  Again though, I like these a lot when I'm not pregnant, so it's not a shock to crave them like mad while I am.  I can eat an embarrassing amount though, if given the opportunity...

I've been eating a lot of cream cheese and mustard... not together- but ya know, on different things. 

A few weeks ago I saw Manda post about a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate.  I will admit, at first, it didn't sound so great.  But this was when I was in the depths of my morning sickness.  I wasn't getting much down and I tended to opt more towards beverages (hot chocolate, slushies, milkshakes)  so while out one night, I gave it a whirl.  And it has now changed my life.  ha :) 

Now I'm sure you're all sitting there thinking I am well on my way to obesity.  And yeah, that might be true... but strangely enough I've lost weight so far.  It definitely sucks puking and I will jump up and down (sort of) when I'm finally done with this morning sickness (that is still here BTW... 14 weeks and 4 days..) but I'm pretty sure my morning sickness is the only thing that has saved me from gaining 100 lbs during my first trimester.  The thing is, at any given time, I can't eat a lot of anything- so while I might get McDonalds umm, 3 out of the 7 days of the week, there's a good chance, that that will be my big meal.  (which in by no means is a good idea... it just seems to work that way).  I'll have to re-write this post in a few weeks when I'm *hopefully* feeling 100%.  As awesome as these foods look to me, I'm still on the verge of gagging 24/7.  :( Help Our Rank & Visit Top Baby Blogs, Baby Blog Directory!


The "L" in ELF said...

Ohmygosh! I LOVE that water - to me the Lemon Lime tastes exactly like Sprite! What can be better than no calorie "Sprite"?

k and j said...

hahahahah i love iiiiiiit! :) i knew your post on cravings would be fun ;) don't worry....i eat like garbage girl. those are just my main, everyday cravings :)