Saturday, February 19, 2011


The Paper Mama

I have finally fixed my CF reader :) yay!  I was getting nervous that I wouldn't be able to participate in Scavenger Hunt Sunday this week... no worries though, all is well :)

Chelsey, over at The Paper Mama  has a fun photo challenge going on... the theme is "red."  Now let me say that red is probably on the list of my least fave colors- especially when photographing people.  The second a kid puts a red shirt on, their entire face is a new shade of red... 

Maeve was given this adorable red coat from a friend of ours- it's red with little pink hearts all over it.  She absolutely adores it :)  It's her "heart" coat.  Anyways, she wore this coat pretty much 24/7 during the fall, and I did end up taking quite a few photos of her in it.   This particular photo came from Halloween day.  Halloween 2010, sticks out in my mind as one of the best days our family of four has had.   We spent the entire day as a our little family of 4, going to area Halloween festivities, cooking up Halloween treats and just enjoying the day together.  It was awesome :)  Maeve got her face painted like a butterfly... which I thinks goes GREAT with her lovely red coat... don't you agree? :)

Here's my entry to "red:"

Happy Saturday...:)
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Shannon said...

Awesome shot! Glad you got your card fixed!!

Anonymous said...

Very Cute!!!

Tezzie said...

What a great photo! And, sounds like it was just the perfect day :D

fiddlehead said...

Wow....this is a fantastic red shot! love it!

Ashley Sisk said...

LOVE this shot - definitely a favorite!