Saturday, January 8, 2011

some saturday blog love :)

There's nothing too significant to post about today, but I did want to say, I have had an absolute blast reading my comments lately.  You all have such great advice and kind words!  The photography "pat on the backs" are priceless, you have no idea how much a compliment means ;)

so thank you! :) 

This is not my photo for my Project 365; I'll be posting that one later on today :)

This photo is for The Paper Mama's photo challenge.  The theme this week is "resolutions." 

Are you thinking how in the world does this represent a resolution?  Well, a "resolution" of mine is to start going with the flow.  Not fighting the details, but just riding the ride, that is life.  And to me, this picture shows a carefree, go-with-the flow, child.... running through the drizzle :)

The Paper Mama

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Angie B said...

good resolution!

Tricia said...

I think that's a wonderful resolution, and such a fun picture.


Anonymous said...

nice image! and one of the best resolutions ever! :)

collyn23 said...

great resolution

Simone said...

Simpicity is always best. The photograph captures your resolution so well!

Ashley Elliott Photography said...

such a cute pic! I love the color and the great moment that you captured!

jillconyers said...

Perfect shot for going with the flow. Perfectly simple.

Lisa said...

Your shot goes well with your resolution. I like your resolution - I need to go with the flow more!