Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's Been Far Too Long.

I think I'm overdue for a bullet style, "what's on my mind" kind of post...  Don't you agree?
  • ***NEWSFLASH*** people- how many children my husband and I decide to have is OUR decision.  I don't need comments on how "3 kids is too many, 4 kids is too many, etc." I really don't.  I get it, okay?  I understand when you bring a child into this world, you need to feed them, diaper them, clothe them and provide them with shelter.  I got it- okay?  Thanks and Amen.
  • So if you couldn't guess by my opening statement, I'm grouchy... hormonal- probably a nice mixture of both.
  • I'm 12 weeks pregnant and still sick.  Granted, the zofran has taken the edge off.  I am not vomiting my meds up... (PRAISE THE LORD!) but I am still feeling like criiissaaap. 
  • I had a date with Maeve today and it was completely fabulous.  It was just the bug and I.  Ryan stayed home with Henry, and I took Maeve to paint some pottery.  I had tears in my eyes (thank you hormones) watching her paint her kitty cat bank.  How has it been (almost) 4 years???  I can't wrap my head around it.  My girl is so special and I need to make sure I make it a point to regularly spend some one on one time with her. 
  • Henry has an odor about him... I can't put my finger on it- but I think its his steroid creams... I don't know- but my bionic pregnancy nose isn't liking it.
  • Have you ever seen these awesome bath color thingys?  They are indeed, my kids' new obsession. 
  • Speaking of the bath tablets, we had a minor scare (and another call to poison control) yesterday afternoon.  I swear Henry is a Hoover vac.  I dropped a tab in- its fizzing- the kids are watching and clapping.  Maeve is beside herself with excitement to see what color the water is going to turn, and before I could say "STOP", Henry had snatched that tab up and ate it.  Seriously.  I wasn't too concerned because they are for KIDS.  But the label did say "do not ingest."  I thought I should all and be safe.  Everything was all good- they stated the obvious, that because he had ingested a blue dye, his poo poo would be (and it was) blue.  Oh. MY. HENRY.  This kid is going to give me a coronary.
  • For about a month now (well ever since Oprah took over Discovery Health Network) I've been in a bit of a depression.  How in the heck can I not have "Trauma Life in The ER" or "Mystery Diagnosis" as a part of my daily life???  Channel surfing yesterday, I stumbled upon Fit TV- it has apparently picked up EVERY SINGLE SHOW that Oprah booted off.  I can proudly announce at this very moment, I am watching a riveting episode of "Untold Stories of the ER."  So kiss it Oprah (and Gayle and Nate Berkis and Dr. Phil)  I'll stick with the good stuff :)  On a side note, Ryan was incredibly disappointed to see that I had once again, found my vice. :) hahahah.
  •  This is so off topic (but hey- that's what these posts are about)- I just want to say a "PRAISE THE LORD HALLELUJAH!"  that I am out of the dating world/game.  Watching ..."anonymous peoples" go through that crazy crap is giving ME anxiety... I'd be a dead fish if I were out there.  Since when did cheating on your boyfriend/girlfriend become so common???  
  •   I find it really strange that water can make me gag, yet I could eat hot dogs for lunch every day... hmmm...
  • I miss my Ang... :( its been too long. 
  • We just got our packet for Disney... I may or may not have cried a few tears of joy.
  • So this is a lot of info- and I'm probably going to regret spilling it, but there are 2 medications that I need to be on during this (and Henry's) pregnancy.  They aren't "nice" category A or B meds... I won't get any more into that part of it- but I will say that its completely frustrating that 2 years ago, I was searching google nightly, trying to find ANY substantial, credible information on these medications. All  I could find  in 2009 was, "in rabbits and rats, given 10 times the human dosage, there was an increase in cleft palate.  There is not enough information on humans."   And would you believe it?  It's 2011 and every single article is exactly the same.  I'm not particularly interested in rabbits who are given 10 times the human dosage... ugh.
  •  I don't think I've ever craved summer so bad.  Really- I'd give my left arm for it to be here... well, no, I wouldn't.  But I'm pretty desperate for warmth.
  • So baby #3 is cooking- and I'm about 75% sure, this will be the last time my "oven" will be in use.  Yeah, I said it.  I think this is it.  And its sad because I always thought I'd have four kids... but this pregnancy has kicked my butt.  I haven't been able to give enough to Maeve and Henry.  It's not fair for them to see me sick and lying on the couch all day.  My puking scares Maeve to death and I've literally shut the door in Henry's face one morning, as I was rushing to the bathroom and he was toddling after me.  I just can't imagine doing this again, but with three kids needing me.  Ryan says that's the funniest thing he's ever heard... and that I will be ready for baby #4 as soon as baby #3 starts walking... we'll see I guess.
  • boy names?  boy names?  Anyone???  I have a giant list of girl names... and a whopping ONE boy name- that to be honest, I'm not even crazy about it.  Hmmm... I'm up for any and all suggestions!
  • I am so excited to find out what this lobster is... because as soon as I DO, I will be picking out beautiful fabrics for a custom, handmade bedding set made by the incredibly talented LeeAnn.   I am SO SO SO excited.  For Maeve and Henry, I picked out bedding sets at the Toy House that were definitely super cute- but ya know, nothing to drool over.  The other thing about a baby bedding set, is that we don't use the bumper pads.  (do you use bumper pads with your babes?)  This will be great to be able to pick out fabrics that make me jump up and down, and customize the set to our needs.  :)  YeeeeeeHAW!
  •   I know I've talked about this before, and I'm sure its me just being overly OCD, but it really, REALLY irks me that Disney (and any other kid movie- besides Veggie Tales- which we DO watch) feels the need to use words like "stupid" and "idiot."  No- I don't think stupid or idiot are bad words, per say- they're just not words that I want coming out of my 3 year old's mouth.  I heard her call Henry a "stupid baby" this week and my mouth dropped to the floor.  Ugh...  With that said, I can't blame just Disney and the television.  I myself say the word "stupid" all the time, when talking to friends or Ryan, etc.- so I'm sure she's picking that up from me as well.  It's like I need a baby filter put on my mouth or something... yes, yes, I know she's going to grow up and start calling everything "stupid" and this will not be the demise of her character, but for the time being, she's a little girl and I find it inappropriate for her (or Henry...  or any of our future kids)  to use words like that.  Okay, off my soapbox.  And, yes, I do slip some really "bad" words sometimes... but that's only in a dire situation- like when I drop the milk on the garage floor and it explodes... grrr.
  • OOOOOH.  I have 95 BLOG FOLLOWERS!  5 away from 100!!!  If  you want to make me incredibly happy, click the "follow" button in the top right hand corner... and you will indeed, be one of the sweetest people on this planet.

I think that's all for tonight... if you've read through this mess, thanks!  Leave a comment :)

Good nightssss to all!

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Angie B said...

i like reading ur ramblings...sorry u are still sick i feel ya i was sick like that literally throwing up daily from week 6 to 14ish....and ya i am with ryan i think u will be ready for number 4 after all this BAHAHA ;)

The Gray Family said...

loved it all and def agree on so many of them!

The Williams said...

I cant stand it when people tell you how many kids to have...or not have. I got this all the time with the twins (like you plan on having twins). I LOVE having a big family. You are giving your kids a great gift, remember that.

The "L" in ELF said...

Lol! Love the rambling...we all need days like that. Sorry to hear you're still stick. =( I hope you start feeling better soon. And you're right, it's no one's business how many kids you have, that's up to you. Everyone else just wants to have an opinion. Stay warm! Hopefully warmer weather will be here soon! (Although, we're in another Winter Storm Watch...)

Erin Stomber said...

Love your posts! I saw Angela yesterday for Beth's bridal shower and we were talking about how witty of a writer you are :) Great reads! Congrats on baby #3 and I hope you start feeling better very soon!