Wednesday, January 26, 2011


tonight, I missed dinner with the fam... I spent it in bed :(  dang nausea is definitely getting the best of me.

tonight, I'm missing my mom.  If she were here, I think things would be a lot easier.

tonight, I'm thankful for my husband, who takes over when I just cannot do it.

tonight, I am praying that I can keep my medicine down.

tonight, I am wishing I was somewhere other than this frozen tundra...

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Jill said...

Ashley, LOVE reading your blog and all your pictures!!
I am pregnant and due August 12th.
Yes, 37 and pregnant (doesn't that sound like a TV show :)
I keep looking at your belly pictures...I am too scared to take any :)
Congratulations and hope you feel better!!

The Williams said...

Hang in will get better, and you get a beautiful baby out of it!

Leslie Collins said...

hang in there girlfriend!!! ((hugs))