Tuesday, January 11, 2011

6 Weeks...AKA Hell.

I am sick.  I am SO. SICK.  Sicker than I ever was with Henry or Maeve... and of course, I happen to be in Florida. 

I don't remember exactly when it set in, but I thought I was experiencing some morning sickness before I left Michigan.  HA!  That was like a picnic compared to what its been. 

We're crammed into a teeny house- we're sharing ONE bathroom... to say the least, I'm ready to go home.  It's just not comfortable puking in front of your grandma, sisters, brothers, parents, etc.

The lowest moment yet, was in the car this morning.  We ran to Target for some batteries.  I'm not sure what I was thinking, because I felt like death before we had even left the house.  The whole car ride to Target, my mouth was flooding with water, and I was fighting the nausea.  While IN Target, I wandered around like a zombie and eventually just asked for the keys and went to the car.

 Before the car even left the parking lot, I was yelling for someone to dump out their bag... for I needed to barf into it.

With all the complaining, really, truly, I'm thankful- thankful for the raging hormones that are making my body do nutso things... because raging hormones, mean a growing baby :) 

Here is a picture of the approximate size of our lobster for week 6:
6 weeks... the size of a sweet pea

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