Tuesday, January 11, 2011

7 Weeks & Truckin...

So weeks 6 & 7 kind of just blend together- there is nothing significant that really happens/happened in either week.  But the morning sickness has settled down a bit.

It's still here daily, but I get reprieves.  During said reprieves, I eat like its going out of style.

Yesterday was frightening.  We went for a walk on the beach and I started to feel hungry about half way into it.  By the end of the walk, I had told Ryan I was on my way out.  I was getting tunnel vision and I was preparing to pass out.  I needed food. PRONTO.

My parents took the kids home and gave us a day date.  It was wonnnnnderful!  We went to this adorable Italian restaurant on St. George Street and I put away 3 pieces of pizza AND a ceasar salad.  I definitely paid for it later :/

 I've been having a lot of {mini} panic attacks lately.  They're more like minor melt downs/freak outs, but nevertheless, I can't get out of my own thoughts.  I am really (REALLY) starting to uhhhhh, panic about having three- THREE- kids.  Before baby #3 was detected, I proudly proclaimed that I WOULD be the mother of four someday (God willing).  However, 3 weeks into this pregnancy and I'm 50/50 with having a 4th.  It's really pointless and dumb to wonder and worry over something that shouldn't/wouldn't happen for awhile, but it's getting me down.  I honestly don't think I have the energy for 3 kids... let alone, 4.  I have been slugging around this place, taking at least 1 nap a day.  I'm hoping this is all part of the awful 1st trimester, and in a few weeks, I'll be my normal 6:30 AM, muffins in the oven, coupon clipping, self.  But at the moment, I'm struggling with the thought of chasing after 3 babies.... eek!

That was a bit of a mini vent.

Onto the fun stuff... :)
Our lobster at 7 weeks is looking like this:

a sweet blueberry :)

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