Tuesday, January 11, 2011

5 Weeks

Still feeling semi- good.  A few bouts of naseua here and there, but nothing to write home about.

I have been feeling super dizzy and light headed.  But I'm attributing that to going off my heart meds.  Blah.

I am still so nervous about everything.  Everything.   I only have two hands, where is the 3rd baby going to go?  My mom's not here... who's going to race over at 2 AM to watch the kids when I think I'm in labor?  Ugh.  I need to just go with this. 

Today the lobster is approximately the size of an appleseed :)
So today (tonight) I think I'm about 5 weeks 2 days, or something... very early- so why in the world do I already have some fricking awful acid reflux????  I had this with Henry (not with Maeve) but it didn't start in till 2nd tri? 

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