Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Week #1 (/4) of My Lobster

Surprise!  Didn't hear the news yet?

Well, I think the picture above pretty much sums it up:)...  (PS- you have to look closely for the line... this is the first test I took- and I was only about 3 weeks 4 days or something...)

Unlike my pregnancy with the turkey (aka Henry) I am hoping to really document this one... I think I wrote twice in Henry's baby book... not acceptable ;(   I'm much better at blogging than writing (in a book) so my hope is to fill this blog up like I would a baby book.  We'll see.

Anyways, this pregnancy was the definition of the word "shock."

I had my colposcopy scheduled for Tuesday, December 7th.  Les took me in, and we chatted about normal things... ya know, we talked about Dr. P's cologne, and such :)
The nurse had me do a urine sample to rule out pregnancy before we started the procedure.

I gave them a sample, stuck it in the little window and didn't think anything else.

A few minutes later Dr. P came in and we started with the colp.   I assumed the test was negative, because nobody had said anything, and well, we were getting on with the procedure.

After all was said and done, I left, told Les about it and casually said, "Hey I took a pregnancy test- they never said if it was negative or positive- that's weird, huh?" 
I couldn't get this weird feeling out of my stomach... I needed a + or a - sign... for some reason I wasn't settled with silence.

Ryan was home from work, and I ran out to RiteAid, grabbed the cheapest 2 pack of tests I could find, ran home and locked myself in the bathroom.  I just had a feeling. 

On December 8th, approximately 7 PM (or so:), we got two lines.

December 9th, I went into my doctor, to get bloodwork and confirm that yes, there is a lobster baking in the oven.

I'm sure you're wondering why I'm calling [it] a lobster... Well,  Maeve, who was due in October, was a pumpkin.  Henry, who was due in November, was naturally a turkey.  And this one, who is due in AUGUST (August 17th to be exact) should naturally be called a lobster.  (for lack of any other summer term I could come up with...)  Lobster is fitting...Lobsters bake.  This lobster is indeed baking.

Anyways, that should fill you in on week #1 (really, lobster's fourth week of baking). 

Today, on December 10th, Lobster looks like this:

And I,  look like this:

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Becky said...

ahh! congrats :)

Nessa said...

Yippee! Grow little lobster.