Monday, December 6, 2010

Tis Monday!

Kids are napping... I'm blog stalking.

I came across a lovely photography site... that is yes, hosting a contest! It sparked an interest within my photography soul because the theme is "warmth."

And if you know me, "WARMTH" is, well, what I long for... 24/7.
Here is my entry :)

 Now, let me explain this entry.  I didn't originally post this picture on facebook (along with my 5000 other beach pictures), because as you can see, the face is a bit blurred.  BUT... when I think of warmth, I think of blurring sunshine, smudging everything, smiles, eyes, laughs, nose wrinkles, together, creating that perfect fuzzed feeling.  Maeve looks warm in every aspect.  She's not crisp, but oh so waaarrrm.  :) 

one last note... can I just say a HUGE thank you too all those awesome photogs (and non-photogs:) out there, that leave me lovely, sweet and kind comments, encouraging me to keep on trying?  You have no clue, how much a simple one line comment means to me... so.... THANKS! :)

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Nessa said...

what a great smile!

Jodie said...

That is a VERY warm picture! Love it!

k and j said...

love the pic :)

carlotta said...

So sweet! Love this :)