Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

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  • My "baby" is WALKING.  No more Mogli crawl for him! :(

  • Maeve has quite the imagination.... she's been talking to a "friend" for a few weeks now- its a little " The Shining-ish" but its kind of cute.  Last night I caught her talking, and she was asking if "it" wanted a hot dog or chicken.  I asked "Who are you talking to?"  And she said, "My shadow."  (like from Peter Pan.)

  • And I'm not sure who can take credit for this next story- but it cracks me up.  Maeve had her little friend R, over yesterday.  They had been sharing a box of cereal (yeah I know, I had this coming) next thing we (Leslie and I) knew, the girls had dumped the box of chex into a shopping cart, plopped a flamingo stuffed animal on top of it, and informed us that the flamingo was hatching its eggs.  Oh the imaginations of three year olds! :)  These moments are priceless- definitely worth a few minutes of vacuuming up chex :)

  •  I have been a lazy cook this week.  I don't think I even want to go there.  Blah.

  • I had a long talk with my sister, Meghan, yesterday, and, like always, was in awe of her faith and maturity.  She has grown by leaps and bounds- she is such a neat person- and not because she's my sister- but anyone who's blessed enough to be a part of her life, knows that she is just awesome.  (Emily you are too.... don't get jealous little one:)

  • I wonder how many times this will be part of my leftovers- but Maeve is still refusing the potty.  It kind of makes my stomach hurt to think about it.... She is THREE.  She remembers the tiniest of details- she forgets nothing- yet, she only has about one day out of the entire week where she shows interest in the potty.  BLAH.

  • Have I mentioned how much I love Maeve & Henry's age gap?  Right now they're playing with coasters and ornaments (yeah, not toys...) on the floor, allowing me to blog :) 

  • ohhhhh sigh.... I miss my parents.  Last night we went to the Jackson night lights, and I thought how much more fun it would be if prior to the lights, we had gone out for dinner with my fam, and then piled into the Honda to look at the lights.  I just miss that. :(

  • It is blowing my mind the differences between Maeve and Henry- meaning, true to their gender (and I'm not getting into a gender argument here)- Maeve loves anything princess, pretty and pink.  Henry wants BALLS and blocks.  Maeve will seperate all the blocks into different colored piles and Henry will come through, like the little Godzilla he is, and just start throwing them.  (He likes destruction in any shape or form.)  And sometimes, when I'm getting really desperate for him to be off my hip (yeah, he's still my hip child), I'll get a ball and roll it across the room- and he goes to fetch get it.  :)

  • Ryan stayed home from work 2 days this week to help out with some appointments I had.  He is a FAR better housekeeper than me.  I'd leave, with the house looking like a pit, and come back to the washer running, dishes being put away, floors swept, etc.  Dang. 

  • I used to enjoy watching "Rudolph" and "Santa is Coming to Town"- but for the past week they've been on repeat (we have the DVD's) and I might be throwing them out the window today.

  • Ughhhh does it irk anyone else when you buy fresh produce, and you literally can see it rotting away?  Wasted money.

That's all I have for this edition of "Friday Night Leftovers."

Happy weekend :)


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Allison said...

I hear ya on the imaginary friend...Madelyn has a friend whom she has named "Glenna". Where the heck she came up with that name, I have no idea! But she will talk to her and about her to us as if she is right here with us. It's hilarious. Funny kids!
I can also imagine your sick feeling over the potty training issue. Madelyn is potty trained but has shown some regression since the baby and pooping is just plain DRAMA every single time. That makes me sick when I think of her doing this forever. If she hasn't gone poopy and has been holding it in for a day or two, we can't do anything or she will walk around holding her self and being a drama queen. It's SO frustrating. Since the baby has come along, she often dribbles a little in her underwear because she waits so long to make it to the potty.
The good news, is maybe Maeve will just decide one day that she wants to go potty and you will skip all the unnecessary drama and she will be a pro poop-er and pee-er! I bet that's what will happen:) it will be overnight!

oh and congrats to Henry walking! His Mowgli crawl was so cute though!:)

Ashley said...

Glenna? :) haha! That's great :)

OMG the potty training is killing me... I just don't know what to do... I don't want to push it but my GOSH the kid is 3 she needs to be potty trained!

Leslie Collins said...

Hang in there with pt'ing. it's so hard.

I am still cracking up at the flamingo who laid eggs yesterday. :)

The Williams said...

Your story about Maeve's "friend" reminded me of something too funny. When Caitlin was 4 she told my mom she had an imaginary friend..that didn't like her. What kid makes up a friend that doesn't like them...hahaha!

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

Stopped by from Friday Night Leftovers and now a follower.

First steps are the BEST! Enjoy them as you'll be running soon. :)

The Captain's Wife said...

Ugh I hate wasting my money on produce (fruit especially) only to have it moldy in under 2 days! Same thing with deli meats.

When I buy fruit, like berries say, I opent the container, move the berries around, make sure there is no mold anywhere. I swear that by the time I get them home and unloaded they are growing mold already. It drives me batty!

Danifred said...

Those first steps are so awesome. I love how proud they are of themselves!

We really struggled with the potty training in our house. Tot was/ is SO stubborn. Hang in there :)