Tuesday, December 14, 2010


"Someday, I'll be outta this swing and on those monkey bars with sis." :)

This is another photo entry to "The Trendy Treehouse" :)

The theme this week, is dreaming.  I could've gone a bit deeper here I guess... but Henry was literally swinging and STARING at Maeve up on the high climbing equipment.  He was dreaming of the day he gets to break out of the swing :)

AND... if you feel so inclined, and do indeed believe I captured Henry in the midst of a dream,  take your sweet self over to this link and leave a comment about "Monkey Bar Dreams."  :)
The Trendy Treehouse

Happy Tuesday to YOU! :)
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Klove said...

So cute. I'm headed over to vote.

Ashley said...

thanks! :)