Tuesday, December 14, 2010

poop in the pants.

Sorry, no other way to say it. 

Well, there are a few others, but this is a family-friendly blog :)

Maeve, my sweets, woke up this morning, on a mission.  She wanted to wear her "Little Mermaid" panties.  I was thinking, "THANK YOU JESUS!  TODAY IS THE DAY!!  SHE'S SICK OF DIAPERS!"

For those of you not residing in antartica (aka Michigan), its freezing.  Like can't feel your toes, whipping winds, cold to your bones freezing.  The only good that could come of this weather, is being stuck in the house for a few days, thus creating a perfect enviornment for potty training.  Or so I thought?

Maeve does awesome with peeing.  She's a champ.  She has dribbles here and there, but for the most part, when she's wearing her undies, she makes it to the potty.   She was doing great all morning, running to and from the bathroom, so proud to show me her "pee pees."

It was after lunch, that I noticed she had been MIA for too long.  I went back in her bedroom and she was lying down on all her stuffed animals.  This is a FACT:  Whenever you walk into a room, and your child says "I not do anything,"  they did something.

I faintly smelled poop.  And saw that she was fully clothed.  No big deal.  This chick poops her pants all the time.  And then I peeled her pants off. 

She had taken OFF her panties, put ON leggings, and pooped.  Yes, she pooped directly INTO the pants.  

I tried to clean her up without gagging.  I failed.  She felt awful.  She actually said to me, "Mama you won't laugh, okay?" 


After cleaning her, the pants, the bath & shower, & the few unfortunate stuffed animals that got uhh... pooed on,  I put her down for a nap.

I then spent my entire 30 minutes (yeah that's all I got today) crying because my child could quite possibly be in depends at the age of 13.

In all reality (and I'm hoping depends at 13 is not my reality) WHAT DO I DO???  This kid WILL NOT poop on the toilet.  And 50% of the time she isn't even wanting to pee on the potty.  She is 3 years old, she's in size FIVE diapers, its time for this to be done!

Any....annnnnnnnnnny advice would be grand. 

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Lyndsay said...

I don't have a child at this stage, but I am so praying for you! I know that she won't be able to attend school until she is able to do this. Maybe that can be motivation...maybe if you see a school bus go by tell her that if she ever wants to ride one of those she will have to go on the potty...I know my cousin did that with her son when he REFUSED to go on the potty. Good Luck and don't give up!

Manda Williams said...

Ashley -- don't fret. :) She JUST turned three and seriously, although it is very very frusturating, it's not at all abnormal not to be totally potty trained yet. The more you push, the more you want her to, the less likely it is to happen. :) (Big hugs though because I know it's hard not to, I mean poop.. yuck!) :)

Becky said...

We are still potty training Kerith and she's 3...so I know how you feel. She does awesome during the day but we haven't even started training at night. Ugh. I don't know what you've tried so if this is all repeat..just ignore it. This is what we did for Kerith--we made a HUGE deal and made a sticker chart and she helped me. We explained that every time she went she got a sticker and then when she filled the whole chart (we did a month's worth), she got to pick out anything she wanted (She picked "How to Train Your Dragon". So THAT was big motivation for her. Then, we also gave treats everytime she went (we started with mini reese's because she LOVES them but when she was eating waaay too many we just switched to chocolate chips), let her pick out underwear and she's been doing well. She didn't poop at first in the potty but we kept talking to her about it and that its not scary and we kept reading "Once Upon a Potty" and the first few times she finally went poop, she wanted me to hold her hands and so I did and it doesn't bother her anymore. Anyway, that's what we did. Like I said, we haven't even tried to start at night because for some reason, she's still pretty wet at night and we even (FINALLY!) got rid of her taking a sippy cup to bed at night...so, we still have to figure out the night time stuff.

You're not alone..don't worry..she WILL get there:)

Jessy Schoch said...

I agree with Amanda, but with that being said I understand just wanting to be done with diapers! I know I've told you before but I'm a firm believer in the cold turkey program :) It did take me following Max around for three straight days, and a few poops on the floor, but when there are no diapers to fall back on they will end up going on the potty!! Good luck to you, it WILL happen I promise!!

Jodie said...

It's a tough road. I've trained 3...I can't believe in a year I'll be there again with my 4th. Go for it all day, but for naps and bedtime let them wear diapers. I always did. But I know the trouble comes when they wait for that diaper to poop...
Just remember that she will not be pooping in her pants when she's 15. You hope! It will happen.

madskeegsjack said...

ash. i love you. maeve is THREE. there is nothing wrong with not being pooptrained yet. it's ok. i remember when i was in the stage with a 3 and a 18 month old -- i had a friend that trained her kid at 2! talk about mompressure. it's horrible. this is just the first of the mompressures you will face (and maybe you're not facing it now) but there will always be a kid out there (or a mom pushing him like you-know-what) to do things first, faster, better, and in the toilet! you think there is NO way out and your kid never be trained. well, guess what? you will find a way through this and she will be trained. i promise.

that said..you're almost there! by her asking you to not laugh -- which by the way, was about the sweetest thing ever -- she realized that this was the wrong way to go about 'eliminating'. :) you are close. really. hang in there. and trust me, you will laugh about this someday - probably after a few margaritas but you will laugh.

Terri said...

Jack didn't click with it until he was 4 years old. He wore Pull-ups during the day.
People around us were divided into two camps. One was the "OMG! Why isn't your kid potty-trained yet and why aren't you freaking out about it!?" and the second camp of "Hey-- hang in there. It'll happen."
We set up our tent in camp number 2 (no pun intended) and waited. We didn't make it a big deal. We got all manner of suggestions to bribe him but Jack's a hard kid to bribe... he was afraid of m&ms and other candy then... Eventually we found a box of Cars cars that he REALLY wanted. So we bought it for him and told him he couldn't open it until he pooed in the potty. He carried it around for a few weeks-- fell on it and "dropped" it so it would open. I'd tape it up and remind him that he couldn't open it until he pooed.
Unfortunately it wasn't just the Cars that won him over-- although they were a big part of it.
This is the real story of our success... And not one of my finest parenting moments.

Manda Williams said...

Okay so I already commented once but I have to say I agree with Jessy -- nothing short of cold turkey ever worked around here. Luke would still be using diapers (okay maybe not but it seems that way!) had I not sat him down and said "see these diapers? these are it, we aren't buying anymore." and stuck to it. (oh yeah, he was FOUR.)

Allison said...

oh man...i was crying along with you today, possibly at the same time. I mentioned the regression since the baby has been born and today it totally got to me. Madelyn has been trained for 4 months, really had no problems from the start except the pooping part, of course. She would hold it and get so constipated that the doctor has her taking miralax everyday in some juice. (yes, juice:) haha) Anyway, she makes it to the potty, its just so long and drawn out. Well, lately, since the baby, she has been holding her pee and waiting until the last minute when she is making a mad dash to the bathroom and they whining or crying because she can't pull her pants down herself (which she most definitely can) or that she can't scoot the stool over to the potty etc. It's ridiculous and totally testing my patience. Today she did this same thing and then peed all over my bathroom floor. I was SO not happy with her and reacted in the way I shouldn't(ya know, calm and nurturing)then I just made her put her wet undies back on and she couldn't sit down anywhere but on a towel on the floor. She didn't like that at all. I let that go on for an hour or so and then took her up for a bath, once things were cleaned up and Alyssa was content and asleep.
I tell you all this just because it doesn't sound like Maeve is much different than other potty trained kids at her age. Sounds like she is potty trained, just having those similar struggles that many kids still have for her age. I also agree with the cold turkey method. If she holds her poop until nap time or bedtime with a diaper then great, you don't have to clean out her pants that day:) Eventually she will have to poop at times other than those and she will do it on her own. She WILL:)
Just like my daughter WILL stop holding her bottom and wiggling her butt to hold her poop in just a little longer AND insist "that IS what big girls do, mom"
you're not alone!

k and j said...

i don't know what to tell ya girl! that is a hard one :/ maeve is so msart, that's what is so funny about it! silly girl. now email me back chica!!

k and j said...


amj said...

hang in there! it seems pooping in the potty is the last step for most kids. and i know plenty of people who talk about kids being potty trained at 2, but in real life, i know none and most of the kids i've been around are potty trained closer to 3 and above...so just hang in there. if she's catching her pees, then you are really almost home free.....