Wednesday, December 15, 2010

3 Day Gingerbread Men.

I cooked these on Monday, with every intention in the world, to decorate them after the kids' nap.  I then decided, Ryan should be here to watch Maeve decorate... so I postponed decorating to Monday night.

Monday night came and went, no decorating.

Tuesday and Wednesday were the same... long days with lots of stuffffff crammed in to every second.

Tonight, I declared it "GINGERBREAD NIGHT."  We were decorating these gingermen whether my kids (or I) wanted to or not :)

So decorated we did.. or I should say she did.  We (as in Ryan, Henry and I) watched and ate :)

M :)

I rather enjoy the bokeh in this picture :)

She was sure to give us all stomachs, and hair.

Henry got all the breakage.

she's a light!

our Gingerbread Family.... minus Ryan's leg (eaten by Henry)

so proud. 

About ehhhh, 8, maybe 9 Christmases ago, we (my mom, sisters and I) made cookies on Chrsitmas Eve.  SUGAR cookies to be exact.  I must have eaten half the bowl of raw dough, and then a handful of cooked cookies.  Needless to say, since that Christmas, I have NOT made the traditional sugar Christmas cookies.  I am thinking that I might stifle back the pukey feeling I get when I look at the dough, and make them for the kids.  Hmm... we'll see :)


SheBlogs Network said...

So precious! What a great holiday memory for the kids to have - I'd love to get your recipe, I've never made gingerbread men!

Angie B said...

love it...and OMG I LOVE SUGAR COOKIE DOUGH hahah well any cookie dough haha i msis that while preggo! ha

Klove said...

great pictures. No cookie decorating for us this year, when I had the twins, I made the dining room a play area, so no more table. XOXO

Nessa said...

sometimes you just have to declare it be the night and do it no matter what... or it never happens... lovely pictures.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Stopping from Networks to follow. I love dough too.