Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Streaking Daughter.

We went to the Toy House tonight, to pay off our layaway and pick up the goods.

Maeve has been wearing undies (diapers to bed & nap) the entire week now.  She's been doing GREAT with peeing... in fact, before tonight, I might have said she was "pee-potty trained."

We were inside for maybe ten minutes, and my daughter comes streaking around the corner- without pants on.  GOD HELP ME.

Here's how it went down:

Me: "Maeve what in the world are you doing?  Dear GOD put your pants back on."

Maeve:  "They're so wet mama."

Me:  "It doesn't matter, you have to wear pants in public."

--- fast forward to a few minutes later- I have her pants on, Maeve, Henry and I are in the car, Ryan's inside grabbing all our packages---

Maeve:  "Mama, I have to go pee pee."

Me:  "Ummm you just went pee pee.  And you don't have pants on.  So you need to hold it.  Do you know what that means?"

Maeve:  "Nope." 

cue dribbling water (or pee to be exact).

This was my Thursday night folks! :)  I'm telling ya- have kids, and you will never have a dull moment again! :)

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The "L" in ELF said...

Lol! You poor thing!

Klove said...

Been there, done that. My 3 yr old who's been potty trained for a year still changes her panties 10X a day cuz she doesn't get them off in time. Drives me crazy...

Leslie Collins said...

Oh, my. The ups and downs of potty training. But, you know I was cracking up when I read this b/c it happened to us, too!! hahah. Reyna took off her pants under the table @ Red Lobster b/c she had to poop.

Hang in there!!! :)
You know I am not above a little bribery now and then.......what I did with Reyna in those situations was before we would go in somewhere, I would let her know before we even went in that I had a sucker in my purse and if she stayed dry that she could have it after we were finished shopping. Also, I learned my lesson to take her to the bathroom before we started shopping. I would always just go to the bathroom to try before we even started our shopping. :)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

My son isn't interested in potty training yet. I dread days like this.