Wednesday, November 17, 2010

there's nooooo denying.

The odds are stacked against me.

It's 9:30 here... the kids are finally asleep.

It's been a long day.

Both kids ran low grade fevers last night... 99 under their armpit, I noted it, but didn't jump on it.

This morning, I noticed Maeve had this chesty sounding cough. She's notorious for harboring pneumonia, so I called the doc. Maeve had an appointment for 1:00.

Then Henry started acting funny. He threw his food off his tray, was shaking his head around and well, just plain GROUCHY.

I called back, and asked to add on a kid. Luckily, they obliged and both kids were seen.

I honestly thought they'd say "Oh give them a few more days off the antibiotics and they should be feeling better." Instead, it was like a "Ground Hog Day" or something.

Both had their ears checked and throats swabbed.

BOTH have ear infections and strep...AGAIN... yeah.

Didn't we just do this last week???

BOTH are on the same antibiotic- (forgot the name)- but its a "more aggressive" antibiotic, aka "the kids are going to get bad diarrhea and diaper rash."

I am praying for the best. Preparing for the worst.

I've got their antibiotics, claritin, tylenol, motrin, and Bordeauxs Butt Cream.

I have FLORIDA on my mind.

I am picturing stepping off the plane and seeing my mom and dad :)

I can do this. I can do this.

Right??? :)

PS- this blog post counts as my "NoBloPoMo" for tomorrow.... ;)


Life of Linse and Brice said...

Your page looks soo good. How do you add all of the extra things. I am trying to figure out how to put picture up.

I hope that we are still on for Dec 4th let me know what is a good time.

I hope your little ones feel better soon! I know my sister has been going through the same thing with her three little girls. We just found out that Asha (the 2 years old) has to get tubes. But all of us kids got them when we were younger.

Leslie Collins said...

YES you can do it! :)
Just think, warm weather, your family, vacation...aahhh....I should have booked tickets w/ you. Can you imagine now, Maeve & Reyna, Henry & Roobs on a plane together???!!1 hahahah. :)

Hope you have an awesome time and we will miss you!