Friday, November 19, 2010

Happening Now... November 19th, 10:03 AM.

-the posts for the next 10 days are going to be rambling and all over the place. There's a computer in my room- but time is short. I want to jot down quickly, the events that are happening, have happened, for memories sake.

I forgot my CF reader, meaning no picture uploads until I get home. Boo.

No worries, my camera is glued to my hands and I've already captured some priceless moments.

The kids are out in the Florida room with my mom and grandma.

There's a doggy door and the kids like to crawl in and out. Maeve calls it the "rabbit hole." Yeah... :)

Maeve's newest "thing" is picking oranges off the "orange tree." The "orange tree" is actually a cross mix between a tangerine and a grapefruit- HA! So the "oranges" or whatever you want to call them (graperines?) are huge orange balls with pink fruit in the middle. She picked so many last night (and this morning) that mom and MaeMae made JUICE out of them!

Henry's ears seem to really be bothering him. I'm assuming from the plane ride?

Speaking of the plane ride... it really wasn't bad at all. Maeve was AWESOME. I mean, that kid should get a "flier of the year" award. Henry wasn't great... but the kid has double ear infections! He screamed, which was expected- and when a flight attendant asked if "everything was okay" (THAT'S how loud he was screaming), I said "Yeah he's alright- he has a double ear infection so he's just not comfortable." The stewardess looked horrified and (very) rudely exclaimed, "Why in the world would you be traveling with a sick baby?" Like I am the worst parent on the planet. I was caught off guard and a bit speechless- I wish I could go find her and say "Listen lady- I took my kids to the doctor the day before and SPECIFICALLY ASKED about flying on the airplane, how it would effect their ears, the antibiotics they're on, etc. so chill the heck out." But, I didn't. And instead I've repeated the story to anyone who will listen... just so I can be validated that it wasn't a bad choice to travel with the kids... it wasn't, right? I mean, I trust the doctor over a flight attendant, but Henry isn't feeling great and now I'm feeling a little... uhhhh... like a mommy failure? blah.

We're going to see the dolphins at "Marineland" this afternoon. I think we're going to try and go shelling too. I can't wait for the picture opportunities! :) WOO!

I'm getting excited to see my sisters... they're coming next week- I haven't seen Meghan in 6 months or so?!?!?!?!

I am trying to build some kind of a bunker in the back yard to trap Ryan in when he comes down here. Because I'm positive, that once he's here, I won't be able to step back onto the airplane.  If it weren't for that DANG house up in Michigan.... ughhhhh.

That's all for now :)

Happy Friday!


Christina said...

I'm so glad I found you. I really enjoy reading your posts. :) Anyway, I don't know where in Florida you are visiting, but you mentioned shelling and I wanted to tell you that Sanibel Island has some of the most beautiful shells in florida if you go early in the day. :) Hope you and your family have a really nice time!

k and j said...

awww have fun chica! poor henry and HELL no you are not a bad mom. and why are flight attendants such judgemental BEASTS?? i have had that type of experience one too many times...i don't get it.

Ashley said...

thanks Christina! :)

We're in northern Florida- but right on the beach :) Literally- about 5 minutes away. (YEEAHHH!) We used to go to Sanibel all the time (when I was a kid)- recently, we've been staying in northern FL because its where family is... but I'm hoping once we move down here, we'll take mini vacays down to the keys, naples, Sanibel :) AHHH:)
Thanks for reading

& commenting! :)

Ashley said...

thanks Jules :)

I mean, I really did ask the doc on Wed if they could fly with their ears and she said for sure- make sure they were sucking on something, give them tylenol and claritin (and their antibiotics of course)