Wednesday, November 17, 2010

First Thing This Morning.

Maeve drew a name out of a hat!

But lets rewind to the beginning of this story. Savannah Rand, the creater and master crocheter behind "Nannah Bread Knots" decided to team up with me (Ashley, author of this bloggggg:), and do a fabulous give away! It's been a fun few days, "meeting" all the new "followers" and readers! From California to Maine to Taiwan- WOW- I've loved seeing your comments and interest in the blog! :) HOW FUN!

Now onto the business at hat, hand. :)

Last night I spent, ohhhhhh a half hour writing names down on a pad of paper, and then cutting them out, making sure, each and every one was evenly cut.

this was very technical, I can assure you.

The winner was supposed to be chosen last night (Tuesday, 9 PM).  Apparently I forgot that I am a mother to a three year old, and this three year old has a bedtime of 8 PM. Therefore, the actual drawing took place this morning.

Here's how it went :)

when I pulled the hat out to put the names in, she wanted to wear it.  So she did.  And I took a picture.  Exciting! ;)

I put the names in the hat... Maeve wondered what the heck we were doing.

I told her we were picking a name... "Close your eyes and pick!"

she fished around for a minute or two...

or three...or four.... (remember her nick name is "pokey")

and then she withdrew a name.....

and it said........ JULES!  (aka JULIE PEAD)

I told her "Julie won!" She was excited and jumped around....

and for good measure, one last picture of the winner's name...

That's right, Mrs. Julie Pead!  You're the winner of a $20.00 gift card to "Nannah Bread Knots!"  Have SO MUCH FUN designing the perfect hat for your little guy(s)! :)   And if you could email me asap with your info, that would be great! :) 

CONGRATS and THANKS for playing everyone!!!!! :)  It was FUN!!!!

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k and j said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ashley I LOOOVE you and Maeve I love you too!!! :) :) :) Made my day!!!!!