Saturday, November 6, 2010

ramblings... part??

I need to come up with some catchy "Rambling" title... I tend to ramble, a lot.

Any suggestions for a go-to rambling post title?

back to the rambling...

-if one good thing has come out of my parents leaving, its me becoming closer with my brother, Tyler. We used to see each other ummm.... maybe once a month in passing- IF THAT- now a days, he's babysitting the kids, we're doing lunch and just talking... and that's really nice. Tyler has a girlfriend, Katie, who comes over as well, and she's great with the kids. I am so thankful that I have them here. I never thought in a million years (sorry tyler- not like you read this anyway:) that I'd be looking to my little brother for anything, but I know now, if I'm in a pinch, he's always more than willing to hang out with his niece and nephew.

- Maeve is 3 and not potty trained. that's all.

-this morning when I woke up, I had one thing on my mind- MAKE A PIE. I don't know why... but for a few days I've been wanting a stinkin pear pie. NOT a store bought one- but a fresh, home made one, that makes your house smell like fall. I chopped, kneaded, folded, whatever the heck you do to make a pie- I put the dough patties in the fridge and patiently waited (ALL DAY) for them to chill. Around 5 I took them out annnd.... they cracked. In a zillion pieces. I was close to tears (I must have really wanted this pear pie...) and Ryan suggested I just pile all the crust into the pan. HA... I did, and all I can say is faiiillllure. But I'm planning on blogging about it tomorrow.

-I feel like our kitchen has become some sort of pharmacy. We've got infants tylenol and motrin for Henry. CHILDREN'S tylenol and motrin for Maeve. Antibiotics, vicks, thermometers, blahhhhhhh. Okay sickness, can you go now?

-Henry's ears are really bugging him when he lies down. Anyone wanna take a wild guess at what activity he is NOT doing because of this??? Yahhhh.... that boy- woooo! It's a good thing I love him so much... I rocked him from 8 PM to about 1 AM - sitting up in the rocker- it was the only way to get him to stay asleep. Insane.

-I woke up this morning in a puddle of milk. That's always fun, right? I was up so late with Henry, I didn't even hear Maeve get up- Ryan must have stuck her in with me (and a sippy cup of milk...) when I woke up, Maeve had left, sippy stayed and leaked everywhere.

-Ryan and I have decided that whatever we do in Florida- whether we rent a house or an apartment (notice I didn't say buy... I don't think we'll ever buy again) it has to have a spare bedroom for TOYS. I thought I could manage with the toy clutter... but apparently I can't. Maybe its because I tripped over a little tykes grocery cart filled with barbies and books this afternoon... I don't know- but I want a playroom.

-I have an amazing husband. AMEN. then end.

-I have been having anxiety attacks about our upcoming flight. I would rather get some sort of dental surgery (and we all know how much I hate dental surgery) than fly on an airplane, alone, with my 3 and 1 year old.... not fun.

-my family has always joked that I can read people really well. Like put someone in front of me and I get a vibe. Weird? Yeah, I guess. But I am SO on... Like SO ON its scary :) -ANGELA- do you remember my birth predictions???

-Why do I have to discover this fabulous herbalife diet in the middle of freezing winter? I mean, I guess its not WINTER yet, but its freezing- and not a time where I feel like shakes. I want coffee. I've been off the train... usually drinking coffee for breakfast, a shake for lunch and whatever I want for dinner... not quite the plan, but that's the best I can do right now. I'm not walking around with a milkshake in 20 degree weather.

-early, early this morning (4/5?) I woke up and heard Maeve reading in her room. It was sweet, and then I heard her starting to ask questions- like she was talking with someone. I made Ryan go check... I watch too much dang dateline. And thank GOD she was just talking to herself, but uhhh, it kind of reminded me of "The Shining." Later, I asked her who she was talking to and she said "the bones." WTH.

-I am SO excited.... there is an awesome give away that I have the privilege of hosting.... stay tuned... it's fab and it's next week :)
-I have Henry's career path nailed- he will be a Shamu trainer. This kid wants water 24/7. And he's a smart one- he'll dump his bottle or sippy on the floor, forming a puddle that he can splash in. It doesn't matter if its the toilet, the dog bowls, a puddle of milk, leftover shower water, WHATEVER- he'll find it and play in it. I suppose there are more careers besides being a whale trainer, that involve water- like a captain or a fisherman... those would be cool too- but how sweet would it be to get in free to SEA WORLD?!

-My mom called and told me they were having a "cold front" down in Florida. Lows of 50.

-I feel like we're (Ryan, myself, the kids) are in this big waiting room- we're being soooo patient... knowing that great, great places and things are in our future- but we're waiting... and waiting... I will now quote that super obnoxious quote about waiting- "good things come to those who wait."

-This week has been wretched. God sure works in mysterious ways.

-I learned a super important lesson this week... and again, I'm going to use a quote (because I love them) by BUDDHA!: "Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned." So, so, so true. And I'm not sure why it took 26 years to realize that.

those are my ramblings for tonight...

my friends and family- I love and miss you all... (well Les, Jess, Angie- I'm sure I'll see you gals next week:) Mom, dad, brothers & sisters, Ang, Suz- it's been too long. I am desperate for an ear, advice and a shoulder.

ahhhh big love and hugs to all...


Angie B said...

i always love your ramblings :)

Ashley said...

thanks ;) come up with some catchy rambling title!