Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Big Dump.

the purse.

I was both humored and inspired by this post, written by "Danifred" of "Sippy Cups are Not for Starbucks."

It was due for a cleaning (duhhhh... when is it not?) and after reading that post, I was inspired to do just that. Clean it out.

My purse will make you feel better about yours. I promise.

I remember back in the day, reading "Cosmo," and how it was sexy to leave your purse behind- or something- so a guy would explore it. HAHA. I can only imagine if I were to leave my purse behind now-a-days. I'd send people running to the nearest HAZMAT headquarters.

Here's what has been living in there for ...God only knows how long...:

-my wallet (normal.)
-a plastic sting ray (totally normal.)
-piles of coupons
-3 diapers
-a CD of pictures
-layaway slip
-airplane tickets (from September)
-a bib
-my glasses
-a pair of socks
-strawberry shortcake
-my sanity pills
-important paperwork that was supposed to be sent out a month ago... Ryan wasn't thrilled to find that in there.
-a pile of trash... no really- a balled up pile of trash.
-baggage claim tickets
-2 tampons
-a bare minerals make up brush (THAT'S WHERE THAT WENT!!!!)
-airborne (that stuff you take when you're on airplanes)
-hand sanitizer (DUH)
-phone charger
-cough drops
-2 kcups
-2 nuks
-a princess spoon
-a go fish fishy
-nail clippers
-a princess crown

.... that's all. Not too bad. HA :O)

come on... who doesn't have a plastic sting ray in their purse??? 

Take on the purse challenge! Blog about what you've been hoarding (or not) away! :)


k and j said...

dude i have found a dirty dipe in mine mannny day's after it was put in there. haha. siiick. i wrote ya an email a while ago, did ya get it??

Ashley said...

nooo I didn't! Dang- send it again? I will go look through my email now though... sometimes I miss things. :)