Sunday, November 7, 2010

nothing significant...

It's NOBLOPOMO (I think that's it... ;) which means I've signed on to blogging each and every day of this fabulous November.

Unfortunately, we live semi-boring/normal lives... I could blog more about how my kids' noses are really runny and the meds they're on are giving them diarrhea, but really, who wants to read about that?

Instead, I'll blog about something REALLY interesting- like what I am doing on this sunny Sunday.

...a quick trip to target

...a fabulous deal on the tag system (at target, right where you find all the other leapfrog stuff, there is a "Toy Story" collectors edition Tag set. It's clearanced down to 27- use the 10.00 coupon from the target toy catalog, and wallah- 17 bucks for a tag reader (with a toy story book:). This will be Henry's one and only birthday present. It's a tad old for him, but he loves playing with Maeve's- and you can't ever start them too early on books!

...we bought a dog costume marked 90% off (1.20) so now Lola is running around the house looking like a hot dog. haha:) mom called and asked if instead of a cruise over xmas, would we mind if we did Disney... hahahaha. PS-did you know that you have to have a passport now for cruising??? Blah.

...milkshake straws are making my lunch taste wayyyy better :) YAY for big straws.

... I am hoping for a REAL nap today. Like zonked out- GOODNIGHT nap. We'll see.

...its taco night... I used to hate tacos as a kid- and wondered why my parents made them once a week (at least)- now I know-they are quick, easy and cheap.

... oooooh I stepped on the scale this morning and was greeted by a nice number :)

... happy Sunday funday.

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