Monday, November 8, 2010


This is what I shouted to Maeve this morning.

With the time change,we were all up pretty early... 6:30 or so. Henry AND Maeve had filled their diapers (pjs, bed, hair, etc.) with diarrhea- thanks to the meds they're on, so the first thing we did was take a bath. Well, the kids took a bath.

Literally elbow deep in poo, I hear my dog yacking out in the living room. SERIOUSLY???

After cleaning the kids, I did a quick once over of the living room, making sure it was safe to have Henry crawl around (ya know, without getting a hand full of puke). Not ONLY had my dog (LOLA) vomited 3, count it, THREE times, but in the kitchen, laid the trash can- I'm imagining something in there triggered the puking.

I strapped the kids in their high chairs (keep in mind this is pre-coffee), and scrubbed, swiffered, lysoled, scrubbed some more, lysoled some more- the floors. After washing my hands about fifteen times, I felt comfortable enough to handle food.

Both the kids got toast, milk and bananas. It's Monday morning, we're low on food... Neither kid liked- Henry threw his on the ground (yeah the very newly, swiffered ground) and Maeve whined for 20 minutes about how she doesn't like peanut butter anymore.

After explaining to Maeve that "this was it- no snacking" she said "Right momma- no snacks. Momma, can I have a bar?" (a bar, being a nutrigrain bar). This was the definition of "in one ear and out the other."

By 8:30 (AM), I had a full fledged headache and was trying to figure out how to make it through the day.... not good at 8:30 AM.

I sat down, trying to menu plan and Maeve decided to throw a fit. Yes, I feel bad that their noses are runny, that they're having horrible diarrhea and that they're coming off of being sick- but good LORD in heaven. I ignored her for a bit... (her fit was about wanting her blanket- which was in her room- she just didn't want to physically go and get it) and finally said, "That's enough. Time out." Picked her up, plopped her in her room, but before leaving (she was screaming "NO TIME OUT!") I made sure to yell back,"MOMMMMMY NEEDS A TIME OUT!"

And then I came to the computer. And now I'm blogging. My head is pounding. I really do need a time out- a few minutes to myself, and I suppose this is going to be it.

There are some days, like today, where mommyhood is SO SO SO hard. Not saying that every other day is fabulous and without flaw, but for the most part, I truly enjoy spending the days with my kids. And then there's a day that pops up (like today) where I am done by 8:30 AM.

It's been 5 minutes (Maeve's time out "time") I suppose I should go back into the lions den.

ummmm.... tell me there are days like this in your house. Please.

Happy Monday...


Jessica Perry said...

We have days like this!! Had a few last week as a matter of fact. It's days like this I question my sanity and I also question if I should go back to teaching. I've said it time and time again, being a stay at home mom has to be one of the hardest jobs in the world!!! Hope your day gets better Ash.

Alexindi said...

There are ABSOLUTELY days like this in my house. Those kids find ways to drive us insane even when they are not trying and our patience wears thin. If you start drinking margaritas at 8 am, I'd be worried... but right now, a time out and a little venting is completely normal.

Russ and Karen Gaston said...

You are not alone! As a matter of fact, I put myself in time out twice this weekend! :) Hang in there, your day WILL get better!

Angie B said...

me too!!!!! with drew lately too..and he has been on antibiotics and giving him very nasty diapers and a REALLY bad rash..etc etc....

Ashley said...

thanks for the support fellow mommas!

PS- Alex I didn't know you blogged! Glad to see you on here! :)