Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Did you know its "National Blog Month?" No??? Well, you're lucky you landed on my blog, eh? Because I can tell you, that this month of November (which also hosts one of my favorite holidays ;) is also the month where bloggers commit to blogging once a day, every day for one month. How fun!

I am a serial blogger anyways... I don't think I'll have an issue finding something to talk about.

Silly me, I've already blogged today, and therefore should save this post for tomorrow. However, I just checked my email and got this message... this message that made me smile, shed a tear and wish that November 18th was here. (and you can now call me Ashley Suess) :)

From: Lori Ladwig
I'm so excited to see you! Only 17 more days and really today is about over and its already the next day so we can say 16 days and counting. Okay so I've been planing our time together. Of course we can make changes if needed.
Thurs. Pick up at Orlando Airport-Oh Happy Day! Go with the flow.

Fri. Shelling at the beach,
lunch at St. George St.
bike ride on the Mae bug!
Dinner downtown Ashleys pick!
Ride on Carousel
Sat. Farmers Market (You will love this) we need to go early!
Shopping at the Town Center for Henrys Birthday
Lunch at Town Center
Dinner downtown walk on bay front

Sun. Church

Mon. Workout am
Silver Springs

Tues. Henrys Birthday
Alligator Farm
Lunch on St. George ST.

Wen. Ryan Arrives(I need to know times to plan the airport days)
Workout in am


Fri. Workout am
Nana and Papa babysit- Ash and Ryan date night on the town!

Sat, Disney World

Sun. Church

O Sad Day Is this the day you have to leave? Anyway, we can make changes if needed. I would like to take Maeve to see Tangled at the movies. It comes out over Thanksgiving. I guess we can play that by ear. I can't wait to be with you guys. Love you so much.

Love you too mom.


Leslie Collins said...

Um, can I go????? Sounds like a blast. And, your mom isn't excited to see you, right??? :)

Jodie said...

Thanks for making me smile...you are the first person (that I know of) to put me on a blog roll! wooohoo! :)

Hmmm...didn't know it was "Blog Month" ...pretty cool!

Disney?? You lucky girl!!!

Ashley said...

yeah- go figure, Disney, right??? :) Whats a trip to FL without DISNEY?!?!?!

deverna2004 said...

i hope you have an awesome trip, ash!! :D