Tuesday, November 2, 2010

40 winks and rambles.

or 50... whatever. I need them. WINKS, that is.

I need 40,50, 100- anything.

I didn't sleep last night... not surprising, considering the junk that's going on, but 7 AM came WAY TOO EARLY. I feel hung over. Unfortunately, hung over from crying and lack of sleep... not wine, my preferred choice of a hangover.

On a lighter note, I have good friends coming this morning. I'm positive we'll have a good time (as always) and I need that.

We're making stuffed peppers for dinner tonight (did I say WE? I meant, I.)- I know it will be a flop with the kids, but I'm excited for them :)

We're out of regular milk this morning (why do you only run out of milk in the mornings???) so I had to use my ((very)) expensive fat free, organic soy milk that I use ONLY for my herbalife shakes- for the kids. Not like the kids don't deserve fat free, organic soy milk but I knew what the reaction would be. And I was correct. Maeve took one sip and said "I don't like this. No thank you." Hmmm... waste much?

I miss Ryan really bad today. I miss him everyday... but this morning when he left (very, very early... 6 AM) and I was still in a haze, I asked him to stay home today... he said no. :( boo. It's that whole stupid working thing, ya know? ;)

We have been a super tight budget lately. (I mean its more like a neck hold kind of a budget- no wiggle room, whatsoever). I got a $5.00 coupon off of any purchase from Meijers- so what did I go and buy yesterday? This fabulous throw blanket. Ryan wasn't happy. sighhhh.

Coffee is plentiful today. Thank goodness. Annnd.... my mom's calling.

Happy Tuesday :)

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