Wednesday, November 3, 2010

i didn't know.

This time last year...
I didn't know that you'd love watching your sister play...

...I didn't know you'd stomp around like an elephant, and your nickname would be "Godzilla!" :).

...I didn't know you would sit so contently, and absorb the chaos around you.

I wished, prayed and hoped, but I didn't know you'd be your dadda's best pal. You are.

...I didn't know you'd have dadda's eyes, chin, hair, etc. etc. etc. (little clone:).

This time last year, I didn't realize how fast life flies by.
I didn't know that I'd blink and
you'd be standing.

or sitting...

this time last year, I didn't know how chubby your feet would be.

this time last year you were squished..

this time last year, I didn't know you had wrinkly, wobbly knees.

this time last year I didn't know....

that another man could so efficiently and swiftly steal my heart.

Now I know.  

 Now I know you have wrinkly knees, chubby feet, daddy's features.  I know you like to knock down block towers and throw balls.  I know that you love your sister more than anything.  Now I know what it feels like to love even deeper than I thought possible. 

I love you Henry!  3 weeks and we'll be celebrating your one year of life on this earth.  Mind blowing.


Angie B said...

ahh tears!

Leslie Collins said...

you always write such great posts. sweet.

Jodie said...

This is getting baby girl's nickname is "Baby Godzilla!" LMAO!!

Jessica Perry said...

Love little Henry!!