Thursday, November 4, 2010

For real???

Is Thanksgiving seriously a mere 20 days away?

Because that would mean that Christmas is 45 days away... and that seems too soon, right?


This morning I was blog stalking surfing, and read my blogger friend Jodie's post on, It's ALL Good in Mommyhood, and realized it is that time of year. And as if my suspicions weren't completely confirmed then, they were when I opened my email and saw ads for Black Friday and "guaranteed shipping before xmas." Woah.

And then I remembered I have a shopping date at the Toy House with this lovely lady. And the purpose for our shopping, you ask? Christmas layaway. YIKES.

Yes, Christmas is coming.

Last night, Ryan and I were talking about some deep stuff, (as we always do- HA- just kidding :) like how many gifts should we get the kids this year? (so deep, right?) and, "We're going to be in Florida for Christmas, so when should we open presents with our family?" -such poignant questions, I know.

In Christmases past, I have been known to go a tad overboard with gifts. Although I WILL maintain, that a good amount of the presents under our tree were "free" thanks to couponing and gift card deals.

This year, I have no motivation to coupon... a big reason in being that we don't need anymore CRAP in this house. Remember that massive garage sale I had a few months back? That was such a fabulous purge, I can't stand the thought of stuffing our house with more stuff.

But, like any guilt ridden momma, I can't justify not getting the kids at least SOMETHING for Christmas. I mean, even though we'll be in Florida, I still want them to experience the tree and presents, all that nostalgic Christmas goodness.

Anyways, back to our (Ryan and I's) conversation last night- we decided on a very strict, STICKING TO MY GUNS budget....

The kids will each get 4 gifts.

Gift #1: One from each other (example- I pick out a gift from Maeve to Henry and vice versa)

Gift#2: One present from momma

Gift#3: One present from Dadda

Gift#4: One present from Santa.

Cute, right?

Why is it, that we (as parents) feel the need to flood our kids with presents on Christmas, birthdays, etc.? I KNOW, that come Christmas morning, when the kids "only" get 4 presents (and I'm saying that very sarcastically, knowing full and well that they don't need anything and that life will go on with "only" 4 presents under the tree) that I'll feel guilty that the whole floor isn't covered in paper and toy boxes.

So dumb, but the truth.

Obviously, we're leaving out the most important part of Christmas, the reason there IS a Christmas... and I am hoping that this year, we can focus solely on that- and that the presents are just blurbs in the background.

What a rambling post this has been...

But, if you've followed along, and you feel so compelled, please leave me a comment about the gift sitch in your family. Do you go wild, nuts for Christmas? Or do you strictly budget? How many gifts do the kids get? Any reasoning behind it?

Alrighty, that's my blog for this COLD AS HECK November morning... have a good day!


jennifer said...


Years ago we went to a three gifts per child rule. It is Jesus' birthday, after all, and He only received three gifts. We even took the kids to the mall and talked to Santa (who looked at us like we were nuts, but whatever) about the three gift thing.

It is one of the best things we have done, as parents! It is so freeing to only buy those three things. I thought we would have some resistance, too, but only Lindsay and Billy (maybe, I don't think he even remembers the days before the three gifts) were old enough to realize the change at the time and they handled it well. The rest of our children have grown up with the three gifts on Christmas, so it is normal to them. Your kids are young- this is a great time to start your new tradition.

Yes, it was hard for me that first year to not see piles of wrap everywhere. But the gifts that they get now are quality and not just "stuff" to fill the piles. I put a lot of thought into what we are going to get them. And they are always thrilled. It is much easier to buy that $100 lego set when it is one of three gifts and not one of a pile, ya know?

Good for you on making this decision! I know it will be challenging to implement, but you will be SO glad down the road that you did!

HeatherHoskins said...

We are doing the same thing this year! We decided on 5 presents this year and are sticking to our guns! The kids get overwhelmed with the mounds of gifts from Grandmas and Grandpas and Aunts and Uncles, and so on... I as well tend to go WAY over board with christmas and my kids have December birthday's.... so this year 2 gifts for birthdays and that's it! I think my house will appreciate it too! :)

Becky said...

We have never picked a number of gifts to get Kerith but we do set a money amount that we try to stick to. We've done pretty well and we really have to since money is so much tighter in the winter due to Nate's job. Another thing we do is we just get each other one gift and we put a few things in our stockings to one another. Nothing big and we hardly spend anything on each other. We buy things throughout the year that we want or need and so we don't really do gifts for Christmas or birthday's for each other...just small things. :)

amj said...

Same here.. We don't have a set number of gifts but we keep it as small as possible. Thing is, I honestly don't think kids this young care-- they're just happy with what they get. Plus then think about all the stuff they'll get from grandparents etc...good for you for not wanting to get cluttered back up. I'm sure that would be really easy to do with two kids! Its pretty easy with one!

Angie B said...

ya we do a set amount to whatever you can get for that amount ;)

Leslie Collins said...

it was fun shopping w/ you today! i really like the idea that jennifer said:three gifts b/c that is what jesus received.