Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happening Now.... 11/20/2010

My room smells like a dumping site. Both kids were up ALL. NIGHT. LONG. with coughs and diarrhea. HORRIBLE DIARRHEA. I think I can safely say, that last night was one of the WORST, MESSIEST nights I've had since entering this thing called motherhood.

I do have to say, if both kids are going to be up with diarrhea, coughs and ear/throat aches, it's nice to have mom here.

After about two hours of non-stop fussing from Henry, she came in, took Henry, and said "SLEEP!" And I did. I slept until about 9:30... NICE.

We're headed to the farmers market now... both kids seem to be feeling way better. I'm praying their antibiotics kick in PRONTO (like as in YESTERDAY!?!?!) and we can get over this junk.

Emily made it in from Fort Meyers last night... I'm sure she was excited to spend her first night home with two screaming kids. :)

Other than the farmers market, I don't think we have any other real plans for the day. And that's fine.

We're sleep deprived and grouchy. We all need naps.

The upside, is that the sun is shining, its already in the 70's, my dad delivered donuts, Ryan comes down in 3 days, ANNNND... my grandma's taking me out for a drink. HA! :) WOOO!! Life is good.

Wishing you all a sick-free/restful Saturday...

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