Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happening Now: 11/24/2010

Today is the day of Henry's party... I'm excited to eat cake :)

Ryan should be here by 4-ish... I am hoping to take him to shrimp night at "Barnacle Bills." I called him early this morning while he was at the airport. Apparently the computers at Detroit Metro are down- meaning LONG lines... eek. I'm hoping everything will still be on time. :/

Last night, we went on the island (or the beach side) for dinner. We ate at this little Mexican joint- it was good. Maeve had a run in with some sand spurs out in the parking lot... but other than that, it was a really nice evening.

We stopped by Starbucks and Marble Slab Creamery on the way home (had to get Henry some ice cream for his birthday:), and noticed that the moon was full. I HAD to see it over the ocean.

We drove to "A" street- but it was so dark, vehicles weren't allowed on the beach. So Emily, my mom and Maeve and I hopped out, while my dad stayed in the car with the boys (my brothers and Henry). I have seen the ocean at night- we've been on cruises, and every vacation we've ever taken has involved the ocean (REALLY- I thought hard about this one- we go to Mass. but we we're right on the cape...) But last night, the moon over the ocean was so beautiful, I couldn't get enough. I tried my hardest to snap it up for memories, but the pictures won't come close to doing it justice. The air was balmy and thick, it was just US on the beach- the waves were rolling in, as they always do and always will, ships were out in the sea, and the giant November moon was up above us. I could have sat there and reflected- or something for hours. It was heaven.

I saw on Leslie's"10 on Tuesday" post, a mention of Black Friday. I am a wee bit sad I'm not able to participate this year. I am a hardcore day after Thanksgiving shopper- I mean, who can forget my run in with Dr. P, a mere 3 days after giving birth to Henry, last Black Friday??? Anyways, the moral being, I'm going to try and avoid listening/looking at any ads... I wanna be out there.

To end this post, I'll give you the links to a few houses we're daydreaming about.

Drool #1
Drool #2
Drool #3

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