Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happening NOW: 11/23/2010

It's my babe's birthday! He's one!

I've been working on his birthday post.. but it might not be up for awhile. As I said, computer time here is limited, thus the reason for these super creative "Happening Now" posts.

We're going to the Alligator Farm for H's birthday :)

Later on, we'll do the park and ice cream.

We're having his "party" tomorrow, when Ryan's here.

Last night I was super emotional about Henry turning one. I took him out of his play pen and had him sleep with me... that lasted for about an hour. But it was still precious :)

This morning, my dad brought Henry 2 chocolate donuts. Happy birthday to him!! :) He sat in his high chair for about 30 minutes, scraping the chocolate off the tray.

And..... at the moment, my birthday boy is pulling at my legs. Which means, this post is done.

I'm off to celebrate a beautiful year of life :) Hope you all have a great November 23rd!


Christina said...

Happy Birthday to your baby boy! You mentioned that you wanted the post to be perfect because you wanted him to read it someday....can I ask your advice on that? I would love to do the same for my girls, but what are the options for blogs? Can you have it made into a book or are you saving your blog as a hard copy somehow? I'm still new to this, so I'm trying to figure out some solutions so that my posts/life doesn't get lost in the cracks of the internet by the time my girls are grown up. Thanks for any advice you have to offer! And have fun in Florida! It's so much fun here! :)

Leslie Collins said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Henry. It flies by, right?

Ruby was doing the Mogali crawl today and I thought of H. :)

Hope you enjoyed your baby boy today.

k and j said...

cannot believe he is ONE! wh-whaaat? time for another one sister!!