Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010.

I've taken notice that many facebook friends have been doing "Thanksgiving Day Countdowns." Each day of November, they note something they're thankful for. I wanted to join in, but it was a few days into the month and I felt too far behind. SO I decided to make one big "NOVEMBER THANKSGIVING....WHAT I'M THANKFUL FOR" post. Very cliche, but just go with it...

In no particular order, I am not only THANKFUL but, BLESSED as well, for....

11/1- A roof over my head. As broke as we feel sometimes, we have shelter- a place to call "home"- something many in this world do not have. And as much as I complain about the house... I am thankful for it.

11/2- My husband. A given, right? This man is incredible. He is a billion things and I could rattle them off, but I'll keep it short and sweet- he's humble, brilliant, selfless, loving, and mine. :)

11/3- Maeve. She's dramatic, over the top, and can function with little to no sleep. But she has the kindest soul. She's gentle and only knows goodness. For that, I'm thankful.

11/4- Henry. My manly mister on my hipster. (that's his new nickname). My bub is very clingy, which gives my arms and back a work out, but he's worth every ache! He's chubby, cuddly and my baby. I'm thankful for happy "surprises" (aka HENRY!).

11/5- Health. It's something that I genuinely thank God for each and every day. I'm not trying to be prideful, in saying that I pray and don't take this for granted- but its something that I try to keep in perspective 24/7. Whenever I'm having a rough day, I can look at my babies and say, "we're together, we're healthy, things could be worse." And that, my friends is the truth.

11/6- Good friends. They are few and far between, but I have them. They're the ones who send me little messages just saying "I miss you." Or the friend that I don't often see, but always has an ear and a shoulder for me. The friend that may not be within driving distance, but will always have my phone number and the right to vent, celebrate, and cry with. The friend who calls me nearly every morning, just to chat. The friend that drops goodies off on my door step, just to say, "hi." I am so blessed. And SO thankful for you, my dear friends. :)

11/7- The Incredibles, (aka my family). I could go on forever here, but my fingers can't form out the words that are flooding my head at the moment. So instead, I'll just say, they're really great. Really, really great. And I am thankful that I was born into such an amazing family.

11/8- my blackberry (and THIS, is where the list gets to be a smudge shallow). Or as my husband refers to it, my "crackberry." Yeah, its addictive. But its purple, it connects me to everyone, all the time, and it always gets good service. Thank you Verizon/Blackberry people :)

11/9- Jeggings. AMEN. The end.

11/10- Obstetricians, gynecologists, midwives, etc. I was sitting in the office the other day, (let me make certain, the reason for my office visit was NOT for obstetrics!) thinking how unpleasant of a job that could be. I won't get into detail here, but I think we should all be thankful someone is willing to deal with that...area. Ya know?

11/11- Medications. I've said it before, I'll say it again, I am thankful for modern medicine. From tylenol to my trusty altenelol, I give thanks that these medicines provide comfort and relief for me!

11/12- the ocean. "You don't want, you don't wait, you don't love, but you don't hate. You just roll, right over me, and you pull me in." -Jack Johnson

11/13- Crocs. My kids walk really well in them and the jibbitz are addicting.

11/14- food in my belly.

11/15- citrus trees. My parents have their "graperine" tree in the back yard. I take pictures of the sun coming up every morning, through the "graperines." I am thankful for the fruit itself; the yummy taste and smells, and also the happy feeling I get when I see the bobbing orange blobs.

11/16- pacifiers/bottles. They calm my kids down. Thank you.

11/17- the most magical place on earth. DISNEY Y'ALL! :) Oh Walt, I THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for having such a brilliant imagination and the capacity to dream like you did. THANK YOU.

11/18- fans. They help me sleep. I like the whir and the breeze they create.

11/19- good books that help me escape for a little bit.

11/20- pedicure and massage people :) I love you all.

11/21- I'm going to say this, and perhaps get some backlash for it, but FACEBOOK. Yup, I'm thankful for facebook. It can be very evil, but most of the time, it connects me with family and friends. I get to network with other moms from across the country. I get to photostalk. I love you facebook.

11/22- my cameras. What can I say? From the days of the disposable cameras to my baby (the 40d), photography has been this itch that always needs to be scratched. It will always keep me on my toes. It will always keep me wanting more, reaching for better, connecting me with people and places. It's the heartbeat of my creative, artsy side, and I'm thankful that there are people out there who think I've got potential. I'm thankful that I have eyes to see, and a fast shutter speed to capture anything I want.

11/23- time. How deep is that? But really, how could I (you, anyone?) not be thankful for time. The time we've had, the time we will have. I am thankful for every minute. Even as the days pass, and I wish bedtime would swoop in, I'm thankful for these days.

11/24- I am thankful my parents made me take piano lessons for 15 years. I can remember dragging my heals to each lesson, but my mom pushed me in the door every time. THANKS MOM! I am thankful that I can read music and pick up and play just about anything.

11/25- Life time movies. They're short, to the point and have enough drama to keep you awake. Love 'em.

---yeah, I know its not the 26th yet, but I am on a roll with things I'm thankful for... so I'm going with it.

11/26- living in the USA. I don't think I need to expand much on this, but I will, because its my blog, and I can. I am thankful I can pray to my God. I am thankful that I can say what I want, when I want to, where I want to. I am thankful that I have every opportunity to make my life how I want it. I am thankful for our freedom and for the men and women who have given it to us, time and time again.

11/27- I am thankful for recyclable bags. They're a fab invention and thankfully there are some super cute ones.

11/28- I am thankful for this blog. It has been a journey. And it will continue to be, I'm sure. I don't know what opportunities blogging has in store for me, but I'll keep on, keeping on. Speaking of blogging opportunities, I'm sure you've noticed the buttons on the right side of my blog- with the excitement of being a "public" blog now, I've joined a ton of networking sites. I encourage you (mommas) out there to do the same. I want to keep ((it)) a surprise, but I got a package in the mail (as told by Ryan), that will be another give away! I am SO excited- for me, for you- for these fabulous companies that have entrusted me with hosting a givvvve awaaaayyyyyy! :) ...readers stay tuned... ;)

11/29- The Chelsea Tree House. How could one not be thankful for a safe, enclosed playground, where your children can run a muck, and you, can sit back and drink coffee?

11/30- My Lord. I did save this one for last, because He is the reason I can even be thankful for everything I've listed. He gives me new days. He gives me forgiveness. He gives me the will to be a better person, to get up and do something. He gives me hope. I have promise in Him. I am thankful that I am able to worship the only God who saves. I am thankful that I am saved.

I hope everyone has a terrific Thanksgiving. Stay safe, eat turkey and be thankful. :)

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