Monday, November 22, 2010

Happening NOW: 11/22/2010

We have pink cheeks and shoulders from spending the day at the beach yesterday. I love it ;)

This morning I caught a lizard for Maeve- I used to be an awesome lizard catcher... not anymore. :( I completely snapped his tail off- it bled and Maeve is now traumatized. Blah :(

We're going birthday shopping for Henry today. It should be interesting because my grandma won't buy anything made in China. No really, NOT A THING. We've had to go to a billion different stores to try and find things that are made in some other country- and if you think this is easy, really- check out the labels of anything you have- its been made in China. Finding non-China stuff has been impossible. At Gymboree the other day, she told me to pick out a few outfits for the kids; I happily obliged... :) I had a few dresses for Maeve and a couple sweaters for Henry- she looked through each tag- picked out the ones from Indonesia, bought those, then bought me a gift card to buy the China stuff. Eyeyeye.

I am in disbelief that Henry will be a year tomorrow. I have been working on his "happy one year" post for a few days now- its one of those posts that I want to be perfect, because I'd like him to read it when he's older. So I'm re-reading and re-writing it over and over.

Besides birthday shopping, we're picking up his cake and a few pirate party things... (its a Pirate birthday). We ordered his cake from "Luli's". I think I've blogged about the deliciousness before, but if not, I'll say it again. These cupcakes are TDF. I mean- if I had to choose between dinner and a cupcake, I'd pick the dang cupcake. They're amazing. Henry's cake will be chocolate with strawberry and chocolate ganache frosting :) His "smash" cake will be a vanilla bean butter cream cupcake. YUM. YUM. YUM.

My last note for the day, is to let you all know that the weather is beautiful- and I'm not saying that to rub it in or anything- it just is. Beautiful :) Perfect, actually. I'm not into the 90 degree weather where the sidewalks sizzle, and I'm definitely not a fan of the arctic. But this 75-80 degree stuff is like heaven on earth. Capri's and tees every day. Oh and of course my rainbows ;)


Angie B said...

you do realize its the 22nd? ha ;)

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Christina said...

Oh my goodness hearing about your grandmother made me smile. How funny! Bought you a gift card so YOU can buy it! Hilarious! Cute post :)