Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happening NOW... 11/21/2010

I filled up my CF card- THAT'S how many pictures I've taken! :)

The kids seem to be feeling better (YAY!)

We went to a mall yesterday that celebs must go to... because I am not sure what "normal" person could afford those stores. But it was fun to look around and pretend like I had money. HA! :)

Have you ever heard of "Yobe?" Probably not, since I just looked at the locations and they're all in Jacksonville (minus the location in Tallahassee and Charleston, SC). It is, however, my newest favorite place! They have about ten different flavors of soft serve frozen yogurt "on tap"- (SO SWEET!) After you fill your cup with whatever yogurt you want, you go to the toppings counter- picture any and every type of fruit or candy- they have it. I went really healthy and got peanut butter yogurt with resses. Maeve had passion fruit yogurt with kiwi. :) SO SO SO good.

The best husband in the world called this morning. We had a long, uninterrupted conversation- thanks to my parents watching the kids. I wish I could transport him here TODAY... 2 more days, and he'll be here... YESSSS. (seriously- we might not come back- no really- we might not). :)

Today is SundayFUNDAY... which means church & the beach, ya know, the usual.

As G.Love says,
"Peace, love & happiness!" :)


Angie said...

I'm glad to hear that your having a great time love. I want some of that soft serve......sounds delish:)
Miss ya!

Angie B said...

yummm that does sound goood!

k and j said...

hope you are having fun!! hope the kiddies are much much better :)