Friday, November 5, 2010

When the 3 year old doesn't sleep... **UPDATE***

beep beep beep beep... update alert... how thrilling!

After quite the eventful trip to the doctor with my two sick children, we've got a double ear infection and strep throat.

Henry= amox. for his ears
Maeve= keflex (she's allergic to amox.) for her throat

Now tell me, moms with more than two children- how in the WORLD do you take them to the doctors (together, while they're sick and cranky- and you're alone) and NOT create some sort of a scene??? Please, please share. my gosh..........

nooooobody sleeps. FACT.

My poor buggy girl is sick with something... which made for an incredibly LONG night.

It's times like this that I feel there should be some compensation (such as a massage? or pedicure?) for being a 24/7 momma. Don't get me wrong- I wouldn't change it for the world- and I am thankful every day that I'm fortunate enough to be able to stay home with the kids.... (by fortunate, I don't mean FORTUNATE in monetary terms... good Lord, no... maybe some day, but not today :)

Yesterday afternoon, Maeve felt warm to me- I took her armpit temp and it was 100. I bumped it up a degree (that's what you're supposed to do for under the arm, right?) coming to the conclusion that Maeve's body temp was 101... or around there. I gave her some tylenol, asked her if her throat, ears or tummy hurt, etc. Of course she said yes to all of the above. I gave her tylenol and let her take a "nap" with me. It was no nap- it was watching cartoons and being bossed by the bug to tickle her... gahhh.

By the time Ryan got home, she was back to normal. Aside from a stuffy nose, (a very stuffy, runny nose) she seemed to be fine. She was playing, torturing Henry, making messes; all the usual happenings around here.

She didn't fall asleep until super late- I'm guessing eleven or so? I could hear her reading books, singing, talking to her animals, etc. I don't remember what time I dozed off, but I do remember being woken up.

Three thirty AM or so, I heard the saddest little whine... "mommmmmma! mommmmmmma!" I went in to her room, expecting for her to say "turn my night light back on..." or "I want to lay with you.." Instead- she was lying on the floor (yeah- she chooses the floor over her bed) in a pile of blankets with red cheeks, crying.

I picked her up and immediately realized she was spiking a fever. I stripped her down (she was in footed pjs of course...) and ran a luke warm bath. I carried her to the couch and rummaged through the medicine cabinet like a mad woman. Medicine, band aids, huge bottles of vitamins- you name it, were spilling out from the cabinet. Then I realized that I had used the thermometer earlier, and it was in the bathroom... not up in the cabinet.

This time the thermometer jumped up to 103. I added that 1 degree, which made her temp 104. And then I freaked out.

I carried her back in our room, and woke up Ryan... he mumbled something like "well keep an eye on her." bahhh :(

I sat in the bath with her (JFYI I hate luke warm baths, and so does Maeve...) and then settled in her room for the night.

Why do fevers scare the heck out me???? I am assuming a "normal" parent who doesn't have anxiety and overwhelming thoughts, would see their child have a temp, give them some tylenol and send them back to bed. I, on the other hand, felt the need to watch her all. night. long.

Around 6 AM or so, she started to feel cool and she had settled down. (yes, after about 2 full hours of tossing and turning...gahhh)

I climbed back into my bed, and around 7 AM I heard Henry.

Today, I am going off of a grand total of 4-5 hours of sleep? And I'm feeling it. WOOOO!

I DID make an appointment for the bugs today- just to rule out an ear infection or pneumonia- (she's had pneumonia twice, so apparently, she's more susceptible to it)... but besides that, I will be home. In pajamas. Doing NOTHING.

Tired is the word of the day.

yawwwwwwwwwn. have a good one!


Angie B said...

likewise...drew was up alll night coughing :(

Russ and Karen Gaston said...

Lots of liquids and rest...hope she's feeling better soon. :(