Sunday, October 3, 2010

stalk much?

Okay, please tell me its not just me.

I facestalk.

I mean, I seriously can kill like 2 hours facestalking. Its ridiculous.

Ryan and I were on our way home from Suzie's wedding, I, with my face glued to my bb- scouring facebook for pictures of a friends new baby.

Ryan was talking to me about ((something!?!?!)) and after not answering him, he called me a facestalker.

haha :) I told him to shut it... but then we started talking, and I realized DANG I facestalk!

I think I've read on everyone's blogs (oh yeah, I blogstalk too) at one point or another how addicting facebook is and how time consuming it can be. I've always agreed but thought my habit was in check. Maybe its not???

My sister Emily pointed out that I update my status more than anyone she knows. HAHA :) Yeah I guess I have a lot to say??? But when did it become so urgent to find my blackberry, post my status and then accompany it with a picture? Does anyone REALLY care what I ate for breakfast??? Or that I'm bored???? I don't think so...

I'm not talking a facecation or anything like that. (God forbid, right? No rash decisions are being made!) But I think I need to live in MY reality that is- my two kids, this house that is a mess, my husband who has things to say and my own mind that needs to be filled with my OWN thoughts, rather than the thoughts, pictures and ideas of a zillion people I don't really know... (and facestalk)

phewww... okay just had to get that out... now I'm heading over to facebook :)


The Williams said...

Haha...I closed my FB and now I have a lot more time on my hands. Although now I blogstalk...which probably isn't any better.

Angie B said...

true story :)

Angie B said...

true story :)