Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fingers and EYES OH MY! :)

I feel so pretty...((sorta)) :)

I did something today that I haven't done in years.

Wanna take a guess?

I painted my finger nails. I sat down during the kids' nap, put my feet up on a stool and painted my nails. I then let them dry with a little fan on me... and I fell asleep.

And for some reason, this simple act of feminism has really been the highlight of my day... eek- dare I say my week?

I painted my nails a brown/peachy color. I don't know if that color is in or out. I haven't picked up a Cosmo since I was a roomie in the ghetto :) I like the color though... and my fingers feel pretty...refined. :)

My mom is here from Florida. Which means- BUILT.IN.BABYSITTER. I have scheduled every appointment under the sun for these next two weeks- dermatologist for a full body skin scan? CHECK. Annual at the gyno? CHECK. Hair appointment? CHECK. Acupuncture (which I haven't been able to do in ages) CHECK. Made up appointments just so I can get out of the dang house??? CHECK.

This morning I had my eye appointment. Walking out the door, alone- turning on my ipod and listening to Mumford & Sons, "Little Lion Man" without having to turn the volume down every twenty seconds was divine. But what was so, SO much more, was that I got an hour (maybe an hour & a half?) to focus (HA no pun intended) on MY eyes. My poor, neglected eyes. You see, my insurance for the past... I don't know- like 4 years??? has been CRAP. With Ryan's new job, we have this fab insurance... and not only was my appointment totally covered, the nice sales lady then said "You have a 300.00 allowance for glasses." WOOOOOOOOAHHHH! Seriously- heaven. I picked out a pair of COACH frames... with bipolycarbonate lenses- and paid NOTHING. You have no idea how much this excites (excited) me.

To sum up today... I feel pretty. From my fingers to my toes, up to my eyes and in my ears. I just feel refreshed, and recharged.

Isn't it incredible how once you become a mom, the most simplest of things (painting your dang finger nails??? Getting yellow pressure drops put in your eyeballs???) turns into total bliss?

The cherry on top of this day would be if I had a sprite zero and a bag of gummy bears... ahhh... red gummy bears, with my pink nails....

who knows,maybe I'll splurge and get a bit crazy tomorrow night :)

Happy Tuesday!... have a good humpday!


Leslie Collins said...

sounds like you are loving having your mama around. can't wait to see you. friday, right?

k and j said...

i totally agree!! i love me some coach glasses too :)