Monday, October 4, 2010

not me monday.

this monday is screeeaming for a "not me."

It wasn't me who ate half the box of peanut butter crunch this morning. Really, it wasn't. :)

I don't blame ordering desserts or french fries on my kids... that would be shameful! For example, at "Cracker Barrell" I wouldn't say, "Can we get a piece of Coca Cola cake? That's the only thing that will get my daughter to sit." Not ME! :)

It wasn't me who had a mini meltdown after realizing my ipod (of like 7 years?!?!) is broken.

I didn't lie to my 3 year old, telling her the tv was broken, just so I didn't have to watch one more second of "Dora..." I don't lie to my kids :)

It certainly wasn't me who ummm... ?lied? to Ryan when he asked why in the world I hadn't gotten an oil change...It had simply slipped my mind... ya know, since every time the car is turned on, it beeps and flashes on the screen "Service Needed." Yeah, I completely forgot.

It wasn't me who woke up on this lovely Monday morning with a flurry of curse words streaming through my head... who doesn't love to get up at 5 AM and watch "Jungle Junction?"

I did not just get off the phone with the pharmacy at 7:30 AM, arguing about how long it will take until my klonopin is filled.

After the pharm. call (that I didn't make:), it wasn't me who texted Ryan saying "If the pharmacy doesn't have my klonopin ready by 10 I'm making a run by Super Liquor."

YEAHHHH... that's what kind of a night/day its been so far!

PS- I found this AMAZING ***ITEM*** that I will be giving away on my blog. STAY TUNED!!!!!!


Angie B said...

you are hilarious :)

Leslie Collins said...

Jade just called and asked if I had gotten the oil change yet.....nope! oops. I promised him this week! It's way overdue.

I need to start doing not me monday's.