Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October 19th.

I am KILLING it with these creative blog titles, huh?

Today, is indeed October 19th. It's a day that changed my life forever, that's for sure! I was four years old in sunny Florida, when my mom introduced me to my brand new baby sister... Meghan Lorene.

I can't lie and say that we hit it off right away. My mom frequently reminds me of our car ride home from the hospital... Apparently, Meghan was crying and I asked "Can we take her back now?"

We've all laughed at the old home videos of an early Christmas morning, the camera aimed at Emily opening a gift, and me shoving Meghan in the background.

Things pretty much stayed the same through middle school and high school. We clashed. We argued over clothes- she always had to wear what I was wearing :). We'd argue over space- I'd have friends over and she'd want to tag along. There were a lot of battles fought in that big yellow house!

I've since apologized (numerous times) for all the fighting, name calling and plain out meanness that I aimed at her all those years.

I've seen her go through some tough times. She's seen me through some tough times.

I'm pretty sure it was the birth of Maeve that really cemented our relationship.

Meghan fought hand over fist for a spot in the delivery room... (it was her vs. Emily:) I was completely out of it and didn't care if there was an elephant in the room- so I don't remember them drawing straws, or doing whatever they did.

I remember when it was time to push, Meghan started doing a "P-U-S-H" cheer for me... I rolled my eyes and told her to "knock it off." (or something like that...)

She stood behind my head with the video camera (and specific instructions to keep the video PG) the entire time. I pushed for an hour and a half. Throughout the video, you can hear Meghan crying and saying "You can do it Ashley! Come on!"

When Maeve was born and put in the baby warmer, Meghan ran over with the camera (getting a fabulous panoramic shot of... me... gross.. THANKS MEGHAN!) and stood over peanut Maeve. On the video, she's saying softly "She's so beautiful Ashley. She's perfect!"

Meghan was one of the first to hold Maeve. I'll never forget when I was "decent" the rest of my family coming in- my dad was holding Maeve and Meghan was peering down, saying "Isn't she perfect?"

I can most definitely say this is the moment that I felt like my sister was more than just a sister- more than the annoying 8 year old that clung to me... more than the ballerina, more than the "smart one," more than anything else I thought she was. She was clearly my sister, but also a best friend. (I say A best friend because I've got another sister who is going to be jealous that this post isn't about her:)- so to be clear both of my sisters are best friends)...

Meghan visited Maeve and I constantly. As often as she could get home, she would, and then she'd be glued to Maeve. I remember wondering "Why does she love her so much?" I mean, I know why I love Maeve and why Ryan, mom and dad all love her, but why was Meghan so in love with her? I know aunts love their nieces, and dote on them, but I guess I was expecting my college- aged sister to kind of take Maeve as a cute baby that she spoils- not as this being that she loves more than words.

I can hands down say that Maeve and Henry have the best aunts in the whole world. My sister(EEERS-emily) love my kids and that was a turning point in our family. I saw Meghan for who she was- who she's always been. Meghan is the sweetest, most loving, genuinely kind person with a compassionate heart and a beautiful soul. She's always been beautiful on the outside, that's obvious- but do you know that she's even more beautiful on the inside?

She shines with happiness. Anyone can plainly see in her eyes, the joy she has. She's passionate about life and love, her talent and her Savior. My little sister, the one who I thought clung around me too much, is now the person I want in my life more than anything.

If you're friends with Meghan, wish her a happy birthday. If anyone deserves a fabulous day, its her.

We love you Meghan... all of us- so much!

And from me personally, thanks for being the sister you are. Thanks for showing us what its like to love Christ. Thank you for loving my kids like their your own. Thanks for loving me. I miss you.

Happy Birthday Megpie.

PS- thanks mom and dad, for not taking her back to the hospital :)


Leslie Collins said...

What a great post. She sounds like a wonderful person. I love the part about where she was doing a cheer for you to push. :)

Emilie said...

Great post. Happy birthday to your sister. And I totally get the auntie love thing... as an auntie em, is amazing how much you love those little kids... and what you would do for them.