Monday, October 18, 2010

peace, love and happiness.

While on the way to Maeve's doctor appointment, my G.Love was on shuffle this morning... this song fittingly came on:

"Peace, Love and Happiness"
why let this world weigh on your shoulders
pick it up push it off
before you let yourself colder
just look into the eyes
the good eyes of a child and see
that love rise like a river
and flow for a thousand miles
to give me some
peace love happiness

There are a lot of places I could go with that, but remember, its Monday- and I've stepped out of the weekend... :)

Maeve's appointment went really well- surprise, surprise! I juggled both kids, 4 shots (3 for Maeve and one for Henry- his flu shot) clothes coming off, clothes going on, Maeve screaming on one hip, Henry screaming on the other. But, we survived. I think I'm relating my airplane experiences to everything- ya know, if I flew with my two crazy kids, alone with 3 tons of junk, I can survive a 20 minute doctors appointment.

Maeve weighs 30.2 lbs. and is eeek.... maybe 37 inches? Shoot I forgot!

I DO remember that she is in the 50th percentile for both height and weight. Doctor gave me props for good eating habits... if she only knew Maeve survives off of cheese and fruitsnacks.

Nothing really event-worthy happened, just those dreaded shots.

The doctor always drops the "this is how many shots we need to do" bomb and my heart sinks... today it was 3 for Maeve. AND my pooooor bubba man- he was chillin' in his seat, and somehow got roped into getting the flu vaccine. I mean obviously, it was my decision, but I figured better limit my office visits to ONE instead of two. So I pulled his pants down and they stuck him. He's been screaming ever since- no really, he's been screaming ever since the shot.

Maeve was next- and she was a good girl. I thought for sure I'd be fighting her, but she just wrapped her arms around my neck and slumped down. She cried and waved "bye" to the shots and the nurse... ("BYE NURSE! BYE SHOTS! YOU GO NOW!") and then began the Maeve spree.

Target was our first stop... an Icee and cheetos (YUCK) is what she wanted. We looked through toys and books, and she wanted all these little dinky things that were bound to get sucked up in the vacuum cleaner. I tried to talk her into "Candyland," she said "no." Her "prize" ended up being a box of Junior Mints... I love this kid :)

I made a run by "Clothing Carousel" (insane, yes, considering that Henry had not stopped screaming- I must be immune to it or something...) but I found some awesome deals. Both kids got fall coats (funny I just realized they're both Old Navy coats- not that that matters, but cool I guess)- the coats (and specifically Maeves) are in AWESOME condition. I kind of dread buying winter coats- they wear them for one, crappy season and ruin them. This year I said I wasn't paying over 15 bucks for a coat. Both were under ten. Nice, nice. I also found jeans for skinny minny Maeve and two sweaters for Henry. The best part? I had credit there- so I didn't have to spend actual money. suuuuuweeeet!

We got home around noon... Henry screamed through lunch and threw his cheese and pretzels on the floor- very, very odd.

I put the kids down around 12:30/one or so... and was SO, SO excited to get an hour of ALONE TIME. I got in a good conversation with a friend (with screaming in the background...), was able to get some photog stuff done and then I realized that Henry was STILL screaming.

Henry IS STILL screaming, in fact. I called his doctor, ended up talking to the nurse who gave him the flu shot this morning- she assured me that it wasn't a reaction to the shot, that he was probably just sick or teething. SO guess who gets to make a second trip to Jackson Peds??? My whole plan/theory on combining the kids' shots in one visit has backfired. blah.

Thank goodness Ryan will be home by then and it will just be mr. man and I.


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